What Are The Best WooCommerce Extension Stores? Get Free And Paid Plugins

Last updated on August 25, 2021

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform for WordPress that is completely customizable and flexible. WooCommerce enables you to create an online store according to your business style and needs. But since it is an open-source, free platform, there are certain functions that require the help of plugins or extensions to be enabled on your store. Luckily, WooCommerce offers unlimited options in this regard. But if you cannot find a particular plugin there, other WooCommerce plugins/extensions stores can help you out. 

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Best WooCommerce Plugin Stores

This article will review some of the top WooCommerce extensions stores, where you can find plugins for free and paid.

  1. WooCommerce Plugins Market
  2. YITH
  3. CodeCanyon
  4. PluginHive
  5. WisdmLabs
  6. ELEXtensions
  7. Barn2

1. WooCommerce Plugins Market

woocommerce extension stores

Be it for logistical operations, marketing, or technical support, the WooCommerce extension store has got you covered with its extensive collection. Its plugin collection is divided into broad categories such as product type, marketing, subscription, shipping, payments, and developed by Woo. 

It offers both free and paid plugins. You can also find detailed guides about setting up and optimizing plugins and which would be the best for your store. WooCommerce also has customer support teams across the world to help you throughout the process.

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YITH is a leading independent WooCommerce extension store that has a powerful framework and unlimited options for plugins and extensions. The best thing about choosing YITH for plugins is that all its extensions are compatible with each other and work together perfectly. 

All plugins available on site are developed by YITH’s expert team and offer unparalleled support and upgrade. Another exciting feature of using multiple YITH WooCommerce extensions together is that combined, they offer powerful and advanced features

Its plugins are divided into categories such as administration, marketing, design, customers, payment, shipping, product page, etc. 

3. CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon- woocommerce extension stores

CodeCanyon is a part of the Envato Market where you can purchase and sell plugins, code, PHP scripts, themes, and much more. Although this is not an independent WooCommerce extension store, all entries are reviewed one by one to make sure it meets CodeCanyon’s design and functionality standards.  

CodeCanyon has over 1600+ plugins for WooCommerce only. It also provides a strong forum to discuss any issues or errors faced. Moreover, you can easily find WooCommerce plugins and extensions through its category list, featured files, top authors, collections, etc. 

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4. PluginHive


PluginHive is another independent WooCommerce plugin store that provides reliable, secure, and feature-rich extensions to elevate your business to the next level. It has over 70,000+ active customers and is the leading WooCommerce shipping and booking extensions store.

Although it does not provide any plugins for free, most are justly priced. And if you are not satisfied, you can benefit from the 30-days money-back guarantee offer on all plugins and extensions. Moreover, it has an extensive quality control procedure and amazing customer support to help you through every step of the way. 

5. WisdmLabs

WisdmLabs- woocommerce plugin stores

If you cannot find any suitable extensions for your store and want to customize them, then WisdmLabs is the place for you. It is a trustworthy WooCommerce development company and is one of the few that has been certified as a WooExpert. Not only do they develop plugins, but they can also create an amazing eCommerce store or add new functionality to your site. 

It provides multiple WooCommerce services, such as Set up services, Plugin development, Website migration, Store enhancement, Payment module development, etc. 

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6. ELEXtensions


ELEXtensions is a WooCommerce extension store that provides top-quality, free and paid, shipping, label printing, pricing, and tracking solutions by integrating with shipping companies like USPS, DHL, EasyPost, etc. It has a team of professionals and WordPress/WooCommerce enthusiasts that develop plugins to take your store to the next level.

Moreover, you can also find CRM plugins, such as their most popular customer support plugin, named WSDesk. It ensures secure payment, top-quality products, and trusted service. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the plugin doesn’t work out for you. 

7. Barn2

Barn2 - woocommerce plugin stores

Barn2 is a WordPress and WooCommerce plugin store that develops the perfect tools for you to run your business. Their team of experts is available 24 hours and helps you set up and configure the plugins if needed. The plugins developed by Barn2 are robust, lightweight, and constantly updated with new features. 

Barn2 offers both free and premium plugins. Moreover, it also has a 30-days money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. 

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As stated above, WooCommerce needs plugins and extensions to add new functionality. All of the WooCommerce extension stores mentioned above are compatible with WooCommerce and provide unlimited options for adding new features. Just make sure to not overload your site with unnecessary plugins and that all plugins are compatible with each other to not affect site speed and performance.  

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