10 Best WooCommerce Social Proof Plugins of 2020

Best WooCommerce Social Proof Plugins

Building an online store with the best WooCommerce theme is not enough. You have to market it properly as well. And to market it properly you will need proper tools. Social proof plugins are among the most popular marketing tools for WooCommerce stores these days. These plugins provide tools to boost your store’s conversion and credibility. In this article, we have discussed the 10 best WooCommerce social proof plugins to make it easier for you to pick and install the one according to your site’s requirements.

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Best WooCommerce Social Proof Plugins

Here is our pick for 10 best WooCommerce social proof plugins.

Fomo is one of the best WooCommerce social proof plugins that you can use to increase sales and credibility of your site. Aside from credibility, this WooCommerce social proof plugin also offers excellent social proof functionality to improve the performance of your website by several notches.

This social proof plugin includes a theme builder that provides numerous built-in themes to elevate your site’s design. It also comes with customized notifications option, filtering, and use page rules to boost up the users’ journey.

Another significant aspect of Fomo is its intelligent feature. This enhanced feature tests over 10 billion data points every hour to figure out your perfect configuration and help you increase conversions without much difficulty.

If you want visitors and sales activity notifications, Proof is one of the best plugins that you can adopt. This WooCommerce social proof plugin easily personalizes your website for every visitor by enhancing their navigation and also to increase engagement and conversion.

Aside from providing a personalized experience. Proof also sends push notifications to your customers so that they can turn them into paying buyers to increase your sales quickly.

One more excellent feature of this WooCommerce social proof plugin is that it helps you to get all the details of the visitors who enter their emails to make you aware of real buyers and the fake ones. It also translates your announcements into any language so that your visitors understand your site better than before.

When increasing the conversion is your main priority, don’t hesitate to install the Provely plugin. Adding this social proof plugin to your WooCommerce site can insanely boost up the conversion rate and result in increased customer engagement as well as sales.

In addition to enhancing conversion rate, this social proof plugin also offers a widget customization feature and different color schemes to add your personal touch to the site. With a library of different eye-catching popup templates and color options, you can always choose the right color scheme and widget to attract the gaze of your customers easily.

Social Proof for WooCommerce is yet another WooCommerce social proof plugin to help increase user engagement on your website. This plugin is user-friendly and has a straightforward, fuss-free set-up process. You won’t need any 3rd party integration to set up this plugin.

Aside from an easy set-up, this open-source plugin offers other functionalities as well. It shows real names and locations of the buyers so that you can show your sales are real. It also improves customers’ experience by setting an expiration time for the cookies to prevent the popup after a user crossed it.

Moreover, it is a lightweight WooCommerce social proof plugin that doesn’t affect the performance of your website.

If you want to experience real results in a short period, TrustPulse is one of the best WooCommerce social proof plugins to use. It claims to increase your site conversion up to 15% instantly and improves your site’s performance by several notches. This amazing WooCommerce social proof plugin also offers a real-time tracking option so that you can monitor your verified customer activity on your site whenever you want.

Aside from displaying visitors’ activity, this plugin also helps you to see real purchases, signups, and more so that you can track the overall performance of your site effortlessly.

This social proof plugin has a Smart Targeting feature that shows your site to the right people at the right time to increase visitors as well.

When you have a small business online, and you are relatively new to this concept, crowdy.ai WooCommerce social proof plugin is a great allay. It has six automated social proof tools; it comes with a user-friendly interface and is super easy to use, making it the best pick for beginners. Additionally, it offers a 14 days free-trial session so that you can get used to its interface before making your purchase.

One of the highlights of this WooCommerce social proof plugin is that it offers a testimonial and video testimonial option that automatically generates text and video reviews from happy customers to showcase on your site to attract even more potential customers.

From improving sales to increasing conversion rate up to 15% and speeding up your site, the Nudgify WooCommerce social proof plugin provides you with all the convenience you want from a plugin.

This easy-to-install and easy-to-use plugin offers different types of notifications to the customers so that it’s not only engaging but also increases sales quickly. Using the popularity nudges and low stock nudges, buyers will know which products they should buy before stock runs out.

Moreover, its order soon option persuades your customers to buy your product sooner than later to improve sales.

NotificationX is one of the best WooCommerce social proof plugins you can use to grab customers’ attention and increase sales promptly. This plugin claims to increase the customer engagement rate by more than 20% to not only boost up your overall site performance but also increase your sales.

Moreover, it also shows your customers who else has bought your products to gain customers’ trust as well as to escalate sales.

Another significant aspect of this WooCommerce social proof plugin is that it helps your site to gain quick exposure by showing the recent reviews and comments to your potential customer so that they get interested in visiting your website promptly.

If increasing sales is your main priority then WP Social Proof is just the right WooCommerce social proof plugin for your site. With its practical functionality and several useful features, this plugin can boost up your sales by an average of 150%, making it one of the most efficient WooCommerce plugins to use.

In addition to increasing sales, this plugin also assists in building your brand value by implementing a compound effect on sales and increase conversion rate exceptionally.

Additionally, as it comes in both free and paid versions, you can get the most of it without spending a dime (if you use the free version).

WPfomify is considered one of the best WooCommerce social proof plugins to install on your website. This is because this WooCommerce social proof plugin can increase your site’s conversation rate instantly by displaying recent sales & signups precisely.

Additionally, because of a prompt enhancement in conversion rate, this plugin also boosts customer engagement and increases sales rapidly to make your business even more successful.

Moreover, it provides you with different options to make sure the notifications look as you want them to look. You can also add a sticking notification bar to enhance visitors’ experience by several notches.


There is no denying that the WooCommerce social proof plugins that we have discussed are the best in the market right now. We would suggest you pick any one of these plugins for your website to enhance its performance and enjoy better sales.

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