7 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins For Your Website

Last updated on April 29, 2021

The reason that WooCommerce is the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites is that it can provide almost anything within your imagination. It is a powerful eCommerce platform and delivers exceptional performance and accessibility. With WooCommerce, you can run any type of online business easily, including wholesale stores

Wholesale online stores are different from retail stores. You need to provide restricted access and different pricing depending on the quantity, location, and wholesale buyers. This means you need an entirely different set of actions to make this work. So, is WooCommerce up to the challenge? The best WooCommerce Wholesale plugins help you set up and manage a wholesale store easily. WooCommerce has many options in this regard and we are going to find the best one among them. 

Must-Have Features For A Wholesale Plugin

must have features

WooCommerce Wholesale plugins come with many different features, but we are here to discuss the essential features you need to look for before deciding on the one. 

1. Restricted Access

One of the most crucial features for businesses that operate a retail store along with a wholesale business is the ability to restrict access to users. Your WooCommerce wholesale plugin should be able to create an entirely separate page or site, which is invisible to the public and requires login credentials or specific user roles to enter. This also ensures your website looks clean and there is no confusion among customers about products and pricing. 

2. Wholesale Pricing

You also need to choose a WooCommerce wholesale plugin that enables you to add different pricing for retail and wholesale customers. There are 3 ways you can set wholesale prices: category percentage discount, a global percentage discount, and product-specific wholesale pricing. Now, it’s up to you to show wholesale pricing to retail buyers as well. 

3. B2B Features 

There are unlimited B2B features available that can greatly benefit you in your wholesale store. These include setting unlimited user roles, showing products and pricing to wholesale users only, wholesale registration forms, bulk discount, tax exemption, setting minimum and maximum order quantity, and much more. Moreover, B2B features help in focusing on the buyers and designing your website according to a businessman’s mindset. 

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WooCommerce Wholesale Store Management

Handling a wholesale business can be quite tricky when you are not familiar with it. With the help of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins, you can set up wholesale features and manage them easily. But before moving on, you need to devise the perfect strategy to start your wholesale store and thus we are here to provide some tips that might come in useful.

1. Know your audience

Wholesale businesses require a large network of loyal customers. You need to know your audience and target market and pitch your business according to the customer base. Marketing is crucial for wholesale business and it’s important to attract the right type of clients. Thus, setting up wholesale registration forms is a great way to collect information and build your strategy upon it. 

2. Attract new customers

One of the most important and hardest goals of any business is to retain loyal customers and attract potential new customers. Here customer engagement is important, once you know your market, you can start looking for customers within that market and follow up with amazing deals. Email marketing can also be a beneficial tool here. Thus, answering your customers’ queries and having extensive knowledge about your product will win you positive reviews and new customers.

3. Determine sales goal

Wholesale business is a great way to generate increased revenue and income. Thus, it is important to determine your annual sales goal and see if you are reaching that mark. This might be difficult in the initial year but once you market your product, engage with your customers, and provide loyalty benefits, you can achieve your sales goals easily.

4. Customer engagement

Customers are the key to your business success and thus their satisfaction should be your utmost priority. Rewarding your customers with special discounts or offering them free delivery will sure have a positive impact on them. 

Another important feature is designing your WooCommerce wholesale website according to the buyer’s point of view. It should be easy to navigate, have clear products and prices listed, different prices for bulk, etc. 

Following these tips before opening an online store is the right way to start a new business and could help in increasing sales, revenue, and customer base.

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Top 7 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins

  1. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro
  2. Wholesale For WooCommerce Lite
  3. Booster
  4. Wholesale Suite Plugin Bundle
  5. CED Commerce Wholesale Market Plugin
  6. Tiered Price Table For WooCommerce
  7. Premmerce Wholesale Pricing

1. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Plugin

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is a simple yet powerful tool for wholesale stores. One of the major limitations of most WooCommerce wholesale plugins is that they display prices to wholesale users in exactly the same way as normal customers. This overlooks the fact that wholesale users have completely different needs. As regular buyers, they need a faster way to select products and add them to the cart. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro solves this problem by displaying products in a quick one-page wholesale order form, complete with add-to-cart buttons, variation selectors, and a quantity box for each product.

As well as improving usability, this wholesale plugin has everything else you need for B2B sales. For example, you can add unlimited wholesale roles and set different pricing for each one. You can show different products to the public and wholesale users. The built-in registration and login forms make it easy to register, access the wholesale area – and you can even hold new accounts for moderation. You can configure the wholesale area separately from the main store, including disabling tax and coupons and displaying different payment and shipping options.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is very also easy to set up and use. Perfect for beginners who do not have any coding experience. It is an ideal plugin for wholesale WooCommerce stores and provides you full customization capabilities. It has 3 different pricing plans available, starting from $149.

Key Features

  • Get more orders by listing products in a quick wholesale order form. 
  • Wholesale login and registration form (with an option to manually approve for new users). 
  • Create unlimited wholesale user roles. 
  • Set wholesale prices – either globally, per category, or per product/variation. 
  • Show different payment and shipping options to wholesale and non-wholesale users. 
  • Mark each product category as Public Only, Wholesale Only, or Both. 
  • Dozens of customization options. 
  • Supports Product Add-Ons, Quantity Manager, Quick View, Dynamic Pricing, and much more.
  • Starter plan for $99, Business $179, and Agency $359.
  • Free 14-day trials available. 

To download, click here.

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2. Wholesale For WooCommerce Lite

wholesale woocommerce

For business owners who are running an online retail store and thinking about opening another website for wholesale business, The Wholesale for WooCommerce Lite plugin is a great choice. It removes the hassle of managing two sites and enables you to run both businesses, retail and wholesale, on a single platform. 

This is one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins. It allows users to display wholesale pricing on each product. You can also show pricing on variable products, for each variation. This plugin also enables you to add exciting discounts and coupons for your loyal customers. You can add wholesale prices either in percentages or fixed amounts.

This plugin is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is go to the WooCommerce admin dashboard, click on wholesale from the list of products, and then add labels. After that, you can set retail and wholesale pricing for each product individually. You can also show customers the money they are saving by buying in bulk. Customers have to fill in a registration form, so they can get the “Wholesaler” user role and see wholesale prices. 

Key Features 

  • Adding wholesale prices on existing products.
  • Managing a retail and wholesale store together.
  • Adding wholesale prices on each variation of variable products.
  • Add the amount in fixed or percentage format.
  • Only Wholesaler user roles can see wholesale pricing.
  • Customers have to fill a registration form to get the Wholesaler user role.
  • You can change the label text.
  • The Pro version is also available.
  • Free WooCommerce wholesale plugin. 

To download, click here.

3. Booster


Booster is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that consists of unlimited features regarding payment gateways, products, cart and checkout, price labels, currencies, user roles, shipping, and much more. With this plugin, you can fulfill your wholesale requirements easily. You can easily upload wholesale prices on existing products and restrict access to particular user roles. It also enables you to create different user roles and tag them. 

It also has numerous ways to show products and pricings based on their currency, location, category, tag, ID, etc. You can also add “Add to Cart” buttons and much more. It offers you a complete set up to run a WooCommerce store easily.

Booster for WooCommerce has a pricing plan available for all sizes of businesses. Single site for $59.99 (1 year updates), $99.99 (lifetime updates), and $199.99 (5 year support). For unlimited sites, click here.  

Key Features

  • Consists of numerous features such as packing invoices, shipping orders, payment gateways, cart, pricing and currencies, user roles, etc.
  • You can create user roles that have access to wholesale pricing.
  • You can set wholesale prices and restrict access.
  • Adds a global discount to all products. 
  • Call to action buttons can be added.
  • You can show and hide certain product categories. 
  • Setting the maximum and minimum products per page.
  • Product visibility by user role.
  • WooCommerce Product Bulk Meta Editor lets you bulk edit any data. 
  • Different pricing plans available. $59.99/yr for a single site with 1 year of updates and support. 

To download, click here.

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4. Wholesale Suite Plugin Bundle

Wholesale Suite plugin

The WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin is a 3-in-1 bundle that offers unlimited wholesale features to their customers. It consists of Wholesale Prices, Wholesale Order Form, and Wholesale Lead Capture plugins. 

The Wholesale Price plugin allows you to control pricing for unlimited user roles. You can add global %, category %, or individual pricing. You can also easily set rules for wholesale pricing, such as minimum order quantity, etc. The Wholesale Price plugin easily integrates with your existing payment gateways and shipping methods

With the Wholesale Order Form plugin, you can show maximum products on a single page. It also allows search and filter options. The plugin is optimized for all types of devices and enables a One-Click “add to cart” option. 

The Wholesale Lead Capture allows you to send email notifications to admins and customers. You can also customize the content and template of emails. It is also a registration form builder and you can also add custom fields to it. Lead Capture automatically sets up and creates thankyou, registration, and login pages. It also adds user-approval in registration forms, you can do this manually or automatically. It is considered one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins. 

Key Features 

  • 3-in-1 wholesale plugins bundle.
  • Wholesale Price, Order Form, and Lead Capture plugins.
  • Allows you to set wholesale pricing on existing products.
  • You can also add tax and customize payment and shipping methods for wholesale buyers.
  • One-page ordering form.
  • Search and filter for customers.
  • Mobile-optimized.
  • Make your registration form with custom fields.
  • User-approved system.
  • Single site “Growth Bundle” for $148.50/yr.
  • Unlimited sites “Business Bundle” for $298.50/yr.

To download, click here

5. CED Commerce Wholesale Market Plugin

Wholesale Market plugin by CED

The Wholesale Market plugin by CED  is one of the best free WooCommerce wholesale plugins available. It allows users to add wholesale pricing on existing products and restricts access to Wholesale user roles only. With the help of this plugin, you can also add the minimum quantity required to avail of wholesale discounts and prices. 

It is a very easy and handy tool. You can manage your wholesale business easily. You can add wholesale prices for both simple and variable products. The Wholesale Market plugin allows you to display wholesale pricing on the product page for all or specific users. It is easily customizable and is also translation ready. 

It also has a product add-on that adds further functionality to the plugin. You can set more conditions on wholesale pricing, such as global percentage, discount, range wise pricing, wholesale specific products, quantity multiplier, and much more. You can also consider variations as one and hide normal pricing for wholesale user roles. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Translation ready.
  • Adds wholesale pricing to existing products.
  • Creates wholesale user roles and restricts access.
  • Set a minimum quantity of products to avail of wholesale discount. 
  • Show wholesale prices to all users or only to Wholesale buyers. 
  • You can also add wholesale prices on simple and variable products.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Available for free.
  • Product Add-on is available for $69. Allows more control over pricing rules. 
  • Discount, global percentage, range wise pricing, and quantity multiplier, all available in the extension. 

To download, click here

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6. Tiered Price Table For WooCommerce

Tiered price table

This wholesale plugin for WooCommerce allows users to set different prices depending on the number of products. It is very easy to set up and use. With this plugin, you can also offer discounts on bulk prices and generate more sales. You can also showcase your tiered pricing table on the product page to entice customers. It is a completely customizable platform and you can change the position, colors, title, content, etc. 

The Tiered Price Table for WooCommerce also has a premium version available. Its features include setting wholesale discount prices in percentages, you can also show the percentage table, total price on the product page, the lowest range of price, discount bulk for specific categories, minimum quantity required, tiered pricing, summary tables, and much more. It is considered one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins available. 

Key Features 

  • Helps in setting prices for different quantities of products.
  • Provides an option to show a pricing table on the product page.
  • Enables tiered pricing, which is suitable for both retail and wholesale buyers.
  • You can easily import and export.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Fully customizable plugin and allows you to change colors, texts, titles, placement, etc.
  • The Premium version enables setting percentage discount, percentage table on the product page, a minimum quantity of products, lowest range in the product or category page, and much more.

To download, click here.

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7. Premmerce Wholesale Pricing

Premmerce Wholesale pricing

The Premmerce Wholesale pricing plugin for WooCommerce allows you to add prices and restrict access according to user roles. Although, you need to install the Premmerce User Roles plugin to create accounts. It is completely compatible with WooCommerce and is tested against various plugins and extensions.

It is very easy to install and set up. All you have to do is install the plugin from the WordPress directory, unzip the downloaded file, and add it in the new plugin option in the WordPress admin. Lastly, activate the plugin and enjoy many benefits. You can add prices on existing products, external products, and also variable products.

With this plugin, you can easily add, edit, delete, and view the user roles prices. Adding a price is very easy, first you give the pricing a name, this is just for the admin. Then you select the user role from the drop-down menu, you can also choose multiple user roles for single pricing and simply click on “Add new price type”.

Key Features 

  • Add prices for specific user roles.
  • You can edit and delete existing prices as well.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Provides a simple wholesale pricing solution. 
  • You can choose multiple users for single pricing.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce basic functionality and WooCommerce multilingual. 
  • Compatible with all plugins by Premmerce. 
  • Available for free.

To download, click here.


The wholesale business might seem tricky, but with the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins, you don’t have to worry about a thing. These plugins are equipped with amazing wholesale features that help you run your retail and wholesale business simultaneously. 

With these plugins, you can add wholesale pricing in fixed or percentage format and restrict access to certain user roles. Such features help you maintain a clean site and cater to all types of customers. Therefore, with the perfect strategy of defining sales goals, customer engagement, and loyalty programs along with the best wholesale plugin for WooCommerce, you are all set up to start your wholesale business.  

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