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Wholesale For WooCommerce Lite

For business owners who are running an online retail store and thinking about opening another website for wholesale business, The Wholesale for WooCommerce Lite plugin is a great choice. It removes the hassle of managing two sites and enables you to run both businesses, retail and wholesale, on a single platform.

This is one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins. It allows users to display wholesale pricing on each product. You can also show pricing on variable products, for each variation. This plugin also enables you to add exciting discounts and coupons for your loyal customers. You can add wholesale prices either in percentages or fixed amounts.

This plugin is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is go to the WooCommerce admin dashboard, click on wholesale from the list of products, and then add labels. After that, you can set retail and wholesale pricing for each product individually. You can also show customers the money they are saving by buying in bulk. Customers have to fill in a registration form, so they can get the “Wholesaler” user role and see wholesale prices.

Features List:

  • Adding wholesale prices on existing products.
  • Managing a retail and wholesale store together.
  • Adding wholesale prices on each variation of variable products.
  • Add the amount in fixed or percentage format.
  • Only Wholesaler user roles can see wholesale pricing.
  • Customers have to fill a registration form to get the Wholesaler user role.
  • You can change the label text.
  • The Pro version is also available.
  • Free WooCommerce wholesale plugin.
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