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Last updated on May 9, 2021

WooCommerce is the ultimate eCommerce platform for creating engaging websites. You can grow your business by making a dominant presence in the online community. WooCommerce provides you with unlimited features like design, themes, plugins, and extensions to make this possible. Among them, a useful feature such as WooCommerce coupon codes has been considered the most effective measure to keep customers happy.

With many other businesses selling the same products as yours, how will you attract customers to your side? Everyone loves a bargain and if your site offers special coupons and discounts to their loyal customers, they will be sure to make a purchase. This can also result in an increased number of subscribers and sales.

To make the most of this feature, we have prepared a complete guide on how to set up, create, and add WooCommerce coupon code. Let’s get started!

Why Use WooCommerce Coupon Codes?

WooCommerce coupon code offers amazing opportunities for both the customers and business owners. With the help of WooCommerce coupon code plugins, business owners can retain loyal customers and also attract new customers with enticing deals and discounts.  It is also an effective method to unload off-season, close to expiry, and older items to make space for the new collection.

Customers are more likely to buy more items when a discount is applicable to them. This is also a great way to hunt for potential new customers and increase traffic on your site. You can also use WooCommerce coupon code as a way to grow your subscriber list, by offering special discounts to members only.

It is necessary that your customers are satisfied with the product they receive from coupons and discounts. Saving money and still receiving high-quality products is a great way to build trust and confidence in your customers.

We have created a list of the Best WooCommerce Membership Plugins that you may find useful.

How To Create A Custom Coupon Code With WooCommerce?

Create Custom Coupon Codes With WooCommerce

WooCommerce enables you to create customs coupons for your customers for a special event or an end-of-season sale. It is an extremely easy process and we are going to walk you through it.

Foremost, you need to go to WooCommerce, settings, then general, and click on coupons. There you will enable the “use coupon codes” option and save changes.

How to add coupon codes in WooCommerce? First, you go to marketing, then coupons. The screen will show you options for creating new coupons or using the existing ones. When you click on “add coupon code”, it will show you the following options; Coupon code and description. The Coupon Code option is where you write the code that customers will enter to enable the discount, whereas Description is invisible to the customers and is for your information regarding the event or time of the coupon.

There are 3 further customizations and limits you can set on your WooCommerce coupon codes mentioned under coupon data.

1. General

WooCommerce coupon code comes with 3 types of discounts. 

  • Percentage discount – applies the percentage discount on the entire cart.
  • Fixed cart discount – applies a fixed amount of discount on the entire cart.
  • Fixed product discount – applies the fixed discount on each selected product separately in the entire cart.

In the general section, you choose the amount of discount, either in a fixed-rate or percentage. You also select the discount type and the expiration date of the coupon code. You can also enable free shipping option on your WooCommerce coupon codes.

2. Usage Restriction

Here you can set the terms in which the coupon will be used. Some of these restrictions are:

  • Maximum and minimum cart subtotal to enable the coupon. 
  • Individual use only restriction can be applied if you don’t want multiple coupons to be used at a time.
  • Selected products on which coupon is applied. 
  • Selected categories on which coupons are applied. 
  • You can also exclude sale items for coupons. 
  • Allow or restrict email addresses, verified against customers’ billing email. 

3. Usage limits

In this section, you can limit the use of the coupon, such as:

  • Per customer use
  • How many times the coupon can be used altogether. Such as the coupon is valid to 100 first customers only. 
  • The number of products the coupon is applied to.

By setting these restrictions, you can set the coupon for a specified time, on selected products, and selected usage. Once you are done, click on publish and use email marketing tools to notify your customers.

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Top 10 WooCommerce Coupon Code Plugins

1. Yith Gift Cards For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Yith Gifts Cards

The Yith WooCommerce gift card plugin allows your customers to create amazing gift cards for their family and friends. This is a great way to increase sales and conversions during special events or holidays.

Key Features

  • The user interface lets you easily create a gift card for friends and family.
  • Customize the gift card by choosing an existing background or uploading your picture.
  • Customers can customize the title, name, and content of the gift card.
  • Setting the amount on gift cards, delivery options, and multiple recipients. 
  • Customers can send a digital gift card or print it out.
  • Admins can send a notification to the customer when a gift card is received and used.
  • The admins can change the placement of the gift card coupon on the checkout page.
  • Admins can set expiry dates, apply discounts, and manage stock easily.
  • Both free and premium versions are available. 

Check out more features here.

2. Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator Plugin

Coupon Creator is a WooCommerce coupon code plugin that lets you create, manage, and display coupons on your online store. It has many add-ons available, such as the “Click Reveal” feature that hides the code and reveals once it’s clicked. Coupon Creator also has different pricing plans available, starting from $34/year. It is considered one of the best WooCommerce coupon code plugins

Key Features

  • Click Reveal feature to find the code and track clicks.
  • Different expiration options available, such as recurring, range, and days limit.
  • You can also link a coupon to another page or print view.
  • 5 different coupon templates to choose from.
  • Customers can filter your coupons based on tags, categories, products, etc.
  • You can fully customize the coupon, including border, text, style, color, print view, etc. 
  • Help system available to help you in the workings of different features. 
  • 3 different plans are available, priced at $34, $99, and $299/year. 

Check out more features here.

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3. Smart Coupons

WooCommerce Coupon Code Smart Coupon

Smart Coupons is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for coupon codes. It offers coupons, discounts, vouchers, and gift certificates to your customers. Moreover, It is a user-friendly plugin and does not require developing experience to create fun and amazing coupons. 

Key Features

  • Different discount types available, such as percentage, fixed cart, fixed product, and store credit.
  • Create and generate bulk coupons.
  • Enable free shipping.
  • Generate links to share in emails or on social media. 
  • Gift cards and store credit available to give to your friends and family.
  • Premade design templates available that can be further customized by CSS.
  • Enable coupon restrictions based on the minimum and maximum spend limit, product, category, user role, etc. 
  • Easy coupon management dashboard. 
  • Regular license available at $99/year.

Check out all features here.

4. JC Coupon

Best Coupon Code JC Coupon

JC Coupon is a simple yet effective WooCommerce coupon code plugin. It allows you to create and add coupons anywhere on your website. JC Coupon also has usage restrictions and masks your URL. It also has many other advanced features available to completely customize the coupons.

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Key Features

  • Customize the placement of the coupon anywhere on the page.
  • You can also customize the title, font, text message, and expiry date.
  • Masks destination URLs.
  • The coupon will appear indefinitely if no expiry dates are mentioned. 
  • A live preview of the coupon is available.
  • Easy coupon management. 
  • Delete, manage, and reset user votes with management. 
  • Pro version available as well.
  • In the Pro version, you can print the coupons, have more template options, import coupons, widgets, and much more. 

Check out more features here.

5. Advanced Coupons

Advanced Discount

Advanced Coupons is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for coupon code. It consists of unlimited features and helps in growing your business and sales. It has 2 pricing plans available, its Growth plan is for $79 and supports a single site, while the Business plan supports unlimited sites and is for $149. You can use Advanced Coupons without any developer assistance easily.

Key Features

  • You can create BOGO deals. 
  • Points and reward systems available.
  • You can also create coupons that add products automatically when a coupon is used.
  • Admins can also customize cart options such as maximum and minimum cart subtotal, previous purchase, etc.
  • You can also set the time on coupons to become visible. 
  • You can also enable URL coupons.
  • Free shipping available. 
  • Free and premium versions are available. 
  • Premium versions include advanced cart options, one-click coupons, advanced scheduling, etc. 

Check out more features here.

6. WooCommerce Coupon Generator

Discount Generator

With WooCommerce Coupon Generator, you can create thousands of coupons at a single time. This is also great for enterprise-level business owners and subscription websites that offer coupons routinely to their members. 

Key Features

  • Generate thousands of coupons at once.
  • Easy configuration and works with low-level hosting as well.
  • The 3 step generation process includes going to coupon settings, then clicking on generation, set limit, and it starts working.
  • Effective for large-sized businesses.

Check out more features here.

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7. Coupon Wheel

Wheel For Discount

Coupon Wheel offers a new and fun way to give your customers discounts on your business website. It is designed for exit-intent purposes and offers your customer a wheel of coupons, which they can spin and win exciting discounts and coupons. It is also a great and interactive way to surprise customers. 

Key Features

  • Extremely lightweight plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • You can customize the color theme of the fortune wheel.
  • The wheel has 12 slices, all of which you can set the coupon or discount on.
  • Anti-Cheat engine and spin log. 
  • You can preview the designed fortune wheel before publishing. 
  • 250+ popup backgrounds are available.
  • You can set the coupon wheel either on exit-intent or on a timer.  
  • Page filtering available. 
  • You can integrate MailChimp.
  • You can also control the total winnings on the coupon wheel.

Check out more features here.

8. Coupon Box

WooCommerce Coupon Code Box

Coupon Box is one of the best WooCommerce coupon code plugins. It enables you to collect emails from your customers for sending them amazing discounts and offers. As a result, this helps in increasing subscribers, conversion rates, and sales. 

Key Features

  • Exit-intent popup coupon box.
  • You can set the time for the popup coupon box to appear and reappear.
  • Admins can set the location of the popup coupon box.
  • You can set the amount and type of the coupon generated for customers.
  • Integrate MailChimp and Active Campaign. 
  • Shortcodes available for necessary coupon box information, such as expiration date, valid up to, amount, website button, Shop now button, etc. 
  • You can also customize the design of the popup coupon box, such as title, message, style, subscribe button, etc.

Check out more features here.

9. WooCommerce Coupon Countdown

Countdown For Discount

With WooCommerce Coupon Countdown, you can attract customers by pretty coupons with a real-time countdown showing the time left to avail the amazing discount. It is also an effective method to entice your customers to make a purchase quickly

Key Features

  • Real-time countdown of the validity of coupons. 
  • You can also limit the number of coupons used per person. 
  • Offer customers coupons after registration by setting the validity up to days, weeks, months, or years.
  • Different color options are available for coupons.
  • You can set the time when coupons are offered, such as after a user registers or when the last order is placed.
  • You can also limit coupons to certain users and products. 

Check out more features here.

10. Coupon Referral Program

Referral Program WooCommerce Coupon Code

Do you know that people are more likely to make a purchase when it is referred to by a friend? Referral marketing increases the probability of purchase by 4x. Coupon Referral Program plugin for WooCommerce has applied the same technology in coupons, let’s find out.

Key Features

  • Sign-up discounts for subscribers.
  • Coupons for referrers when their friends make a purchase.
  • You can designate coupons for both referrers and referred.
  • You can also customize the popup coupon and button.
  • Customers can also avail of their coupons to pay subscription charges.
  • You can set the amount, date, and type of coupons.
  • Easily generate a referral link to be shared in emails and on social media.

Check out more features here


Effective promotional marketing is the best way to make sure your brand is known and appreciated by many people. One of the methods of keeping your customers satisfied is by providing discount coupons. Coupons have been effective in increasing sales, subscribers, and reducing cart abandonment.

WooCommerce is equipped with many coupon code plugins. All of them consist of amazing features through which you can add popup coupons with exit-intent, collect emails, and add referral programs. You can also customize the coupons according to your brand and have the ability to set the value, time, and type of coupon. Although, the features might vary in each plugin.

Coupons are also a great way to attract customers and invite them to make a purchase or sign-up as a subscriber. It is also extremely easy to set up coupon codes in WooCommerce and thus you can create attractive coupons, increase sales, and promote your business.

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