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Yith WooCommerce Gift Cards

The holiday season is right around the corner and what better gift to give your friends than giving them the option to choose a product for themselves. Yith WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin enables this option on your website. It is equipped with an intuitive user interface that lets customers create personalized gift cards for their friends and family. Moreover, the gift card creator is easy to use and consists of images for different occasions. Customers can also upload their images for a personal touch.

You can set the limit for the gift cards or let the customers decide. Customers can also send gift cards to multiple recipients and choose the delivery style as well. Just by adding the emails of each recipient, the plugin forwards the gift cards to their respective owners. It is one of the best WooCommerce gift card plugins available.

Features List:

  • You can create physical or virtual gift cards easily.
  • The interactive user interface enables you to customize and create your gift card.
  • Select images from the vast gallery provided for each occasion.
  • Customers can send gift cards to multiple recipients.
  • Customers can set the limit on the gift card.
  • Senders can also check the status of the gift card.
  • Customers have the option to use the gift card multiple times depending on the remaining balance.
  • The premium version consists of advanced features like email notifications.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $129.99Year
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