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The Gift Up WooCommerce plugin is available for free. It also has no monthly fee and only charges you a certain amount when you sell a gift card on your site. You can easily create custom gift cards with your branding logo. It is also very easy to install and setup and thus is considered the best WooCommerce gift card plugins available.

Business owners can set the amount for the gift card or leave that up to the customer. Once a gift card is purchased, Gift Up takes care of everything, from payment to delivery of gift card to the respective customer. This plugin is compatible with multiple payment methods and customers can also use Google Pay or Apple Pay for transactions.

Features List:

  • Very easy to install and setup.
  • Choose from existing gift card options or customize your own.
  • Customers can set the value of gift cards.
  • Automates the payment and delivery process.
  • You can send gift cards through emails or print them out.
  • Management dashboard is available for checking the processing or usage of a gift card.
  • No monthly charges.
  • Customers can sell gift cards in any currency.
  • You can also set the expiry date on gift cards.
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