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Last updated on February 17, 2023

With WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) plugins integration, you can sync and manage your retail and online store simultaneously and automate multiple backend processes. Point Of Sale (POS) refers to the location or point at which a transaction is completed, a receipt is provided, and payment is carried out. Therefore, WooCommerce WordPress Point of Sale (POS) plugins allows you to create a front-end user interface for your physical stores, which is available through a web browser or app, and manage customer orders.

WooCommerce Point of Sale plugins integration also lets you take care of inventory, orders, and customers. It creates an excellent shopping experience for your customer and makes it easier to manage both online and offline orders.

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How To Pick The Best WooCommerce POS Plugin?

Before choosing a WordPress WooCommerce POS plugin for your retail store, you need to make sure that it follows the criteria required to make it the best for your business.

The best WooCommerce POS plugin should be able to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce and WordPress. It should also be easy to use, customize according to your preference, and have additional features. It should also support various payment methods and be compatible with other plugins and extensions.

The most convenient feature of WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) plugins is that they are web-based and can easily run on any device such as Ipad, tablets, and other handheld devices. Thus, a POS plugin that functions smoothly on multiple devices is beneficial.

Best WooCommerce Point Of Sale POS Plugins

POS plugins optimize your order transaction process and thus are a must if you plan to open a retail store. Below, we have reviewed some of the best WordPress WooCommerce POS plugins that can help you grow your business, both online and offline.

  1. WooCommerce Point Of Sale System
  2. wePOS
  3. WooCommerce POS (Point of Sale)
  4. Oliver POS
  5. Lightspeed POS Integration
  6. Hike POS
  7. Square
  8. Yith POS For WooCommerce
  9. FooSales

1. WooCommerce Point Of Sale System

Best WooCommerce POS Plugins For WordPress

The WooCommerce Point of Sale System plugin can be used to manage both your online and physical stores simultaneously. This system also has a POS Desktop app that is accessible on any operating system and can be installed from Google Chrome. This plugin also includes extensions like Price Rules, Order Return plugin, and Sale Barcode Inventory. It is an easy to use POS system and you can also assign agents to make the process smoother.

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Key Features

  • POS Desktop application
  • POS agents can add new customers, apply coupons to cart, and sync data to online stores
  • Multiple store outlets can be created by the admin
  • The desktop application works offline and syncs data as soon as it goes online
  • You can check inventory and sales history from Admin management
  • Supports multiple payment methods
  • Accepts card and cash and can split payment between the two options
  • POS agents can hold the cart
  • Switch currencies
  • Assign inventory to the product by back-end barcode scanning
  • You can easily manage returns, refunds, and product inventory is updated as it is returned
  • The regular license is $99

To download, click here.

2. wePOS

wePOS Point of sale system

The wePOS plugin for WooCommerce is extremely easy to use. With this plugin, you can take orders easily and complete the transaction process quickly. It is also built to provide accessibility and uplifts your business with its customizable features and optimized design. Moreover, it is a safe and secure platform where you can manage multiple store outlets and view real-time inventory from your WooCommerce online store.

Key Features

  • It is a single page application that provides excellent speed
  • An interactive user interface lets you manage orders easily
  • You can also view real-time inventory from the user interface
  • Multiple store outlets can be assigned to POS agents
  • Safe and secure operation by login credentials for each cashier
  • You can customize the label and receipt invoice easily
  • User-friendly application
  • Multiple live carts management
  • The tax value is added automatically
  • Supports popular payment gateways and accepts cards and cash
  • It is a responsive application and runs smoothly on tablets and desktops
  • Available for free
  • Premium versions with additional features starting from $199/year

To download, click here.

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3. WooCommerce POS

WooCommerce POS System

WooCommerce POS integration allows you to manage customers, orders, and payments easily. This plugin is built to work smoothly with WooCommerce and is considered one of the best WooCommerce POS plugins. You can also create multiple outlets and convert your tablet into a cashier. WooCommerce POS also enables you to assign POS agents and create a customer-friendly experience. You can also customize how to showcase your products and categorize them.

Key Features

  • Designed and built for WooCommerce
  • Can create multiple retail channels and manage online stores as well
  • Assign products into categories and customize the grid
  • You can also add different product attributes to easily search for products
  • You can also add discounts and coupons by percentage or fixed rate
  • Supports cash and third-party card terminals
  • Chip and PIN payment method
  • Manage your stocks with a stock-keeping interface
  • You can also customize the information shown at the end of the order transaction
  • POS agents can add products
  • Print or email invoices
  • Additional features include setting measure units, barcode scanning, tax calculation, order filtration, and much more
  • Pricing: $199 billed annually

To download, click here.

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4. Oliver POS

Oliver POS

Oliver POS plugin for WooCommerce is a cloud-based plugin that is responsive to mobile devices, thus you can easily manage your store from anywhere. This WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) plugin is also accessible on your current devices, such as tablets, iPad, and computers. Oliver POS is available for free and consists of all the essential features required to run retail stores. It is also considered one of the best WooCommerce POS plugins.

Key Features

  • User intuitive interface that manages your store easily
  • Manage customer, orders, and inventory with POS Oliver Web Register
  • Their Tiles feature allows you to customize the layout of the checkout section
  • In-depth Customer View to manage customer info, purchase records, etc
  • Oliver POS apps let you add additional functions like reviews and points
  • Oliver Hub is used to manage user roles, access permissions, receipts, sales, and much more
  • Analytic reports by Oliver Hub reporting tools
  • Supports multiple payment methods such as cards, cash, split payment, and mobile payments
  • Tracking customer past purchases and improving customer service
  • Oliver Go mobile unit can act as a POS, scan barcodes, and print receipts
  • Oliver syncs to your WooCommerce store in real-time so you can easily manage both sales channels from one platform
  • Premium plans are divided into Basic ($19/mo) and Professional ($39/mo)

To download, click here.

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5. Lightspeed POS Integration


With the Lightspeed POS Integration system, you can easily manage customers, orders, and inventory. As a result, by syncing your WooCommerce store to the Lightspeed Point of Sale account, any changes made in inventory will be displaced on both systems. It is extremely easy to install and set up. Consequently, you need to have an active Lightspeed Retail account to enjoy its benefits.

Key Features

  • Powerful inventory management WooCommerce POS system plugin
  • Syncs with WooCommerce and manages sales, orders, and inventory
  • Need to have a Lightspeed Retail Account
  • Order stock directly from their pre-listed catalogs directly by POS
  • Real-time data and reporting
  • Track employees’ ins and outs
  • You can customize the POS layout according to your preferences
  • Keep track of customers’ information, order history, and purchases
  • Accept mobile payments, cards, and cash
  • PCI compliance to protect customer card information
  • Live chat, email, and phone support available
  • Segment your customers to give away special discounts and rewards during checkout
  • Hardware kits are available such as barcode scanner, label printer, cash drawer, etc.
  • The basic plan starts from $69/month. See more pricing plans here

To download, click here.

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6. Hike POS

Best WooCommerce Hike POS plugin

The Hike is one of the best WooCommerce POS plugins. It allows you to control and grow your business easily. You can manage orders, product catalogs, and inventory from this plugin. You also need a Hike account to enable its many features. It automatically syncs with your WooCommerce account and works offline as well. Also, it runs smoothly on all devices and is a great sales channel for your retail store.

Key Features

  • Easily sync your Hike account with WooCommerce
  • You can also select particular products you want to sync
  • Hike Sales dashboard will help you manage both online and in-store orders
  • Customer profiles, old and new, are synced into Hike and WooCommerce
  • Get detailed analysis reports on Hike and WooCommerce sales
  • Hike Sync log available to see what didn’t sync
  • Custom checkout process
  • Apply discounts and sales on total orders or individual items
  • Supports major payment gateways like PayPal, Tyro, and iZettle
  • Also supports order deposits and lay-bys
  • Accepts cash, cards, and cheques
  • Individual staff Pin code
  • Supports returns and refunds
  • 24/7 email and live chat support available
  • The start-up pricing plan for 1 outlet is $69/month. Other plans available here

To download, click here.

7. Square


Square is among the best Point of Sale plugins for WooCommerce. It is available for free and you can easily sync your WooCommerce site to your Square account and manage inventory, order, customers, and payments. It accepts all major credit and debit cards and allows you to make in-person payments as well. Square also has top-notch security measures in place, along with PCI compliance, that makes sure your customers’ card payment information is protected.

Key Features

  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards
  • Transfer funds within 2-3 working days
  • Pay 2.75% per in-person transaction and 2.9% + $.30 for online transactions
  • Customers can save their payment information for future purchases
  • Easily synchronized with WooCommerce and only needs to be updated at one site for inventory
  • Live-monitoring programs to detect fraudulent activity
  • PCI Level 1 compliance
  • Multiple channels can be managed on a single platform
  • Improved reporting of transactions
  • Available for free

To download, click here.

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8. Yith POS For WooCommerce

Yith point of sale plugin

Yith POS system plugin for WooCommerce integration is cheap and easy to use an extension that allows you to create and control multiple channels synced with WooCommerce. It manages customers’ information, product inventory, and orders. With this WooCommerce POS plugin, you can convert any touch device into a cash register. You also have complete control over this POS plugin by customizing receipts, setting specific payment methods, segmentation, and much more.

Key Features

  • Create and manage multiple sales channels
  • Add billing information of a store
  • Customization of multiple receipts
  • Intuitive dashboard for information regarding sales, revenue, cashiers with the highest sales, etc.
  • You can create a login page for a POS agent
  • Cashiers can add new products, customers, prices, and sync to the WooCommerce account
  • Cashiers can also add discounts, coupons, and special notes given by customers.
  • Suspend and save cart option
  • Accepts cash, cards, and split payment method
  • Yith Barcode plugin supports product scanning
  • Customize and print receipts
  • Plugin subscription for a single site is $189.99

To download, click here.

9. FooSales


FooSales is a Point of Sale plugin, built to work natively with WooCommerce. It connects with your sales channel by the WooCommerce REST API. FooSales has an intuitive interface and can be used to add orders, customers’ information, prices, categories, and much more. It is also a safe and secure POS plugin and protects your information on your web server.

Key Features

  • POS agents can add orders, customers’ information, products, etc directly from the intuitive interface
  • You can also add coupon codes
  • Prices can be adjusted manually for separate products
  • The Order filtration system, to see which orders came from the retail store
  • Supports partial or full refunds
  • Accepts cash and card payments
  • Receipts are automatically sent to customers’ emails
  • Taxes are applied accordingly
  • Create profiles for customers
  • $149 billed annually

To download, click here.

Benefits of WooCommerce POS Plugins?

WordPress WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) plugins are convenient as they are inexpensive, easy to use and increase workflow. With these plugins, you can manage both online and offline orders at a single place on your Ipad or tablet easily.

Generally, the channels usually used by retail stores are slow and are not able to sync orders. This could lead to mistakes which we have no room for. Thus, by WooCommerce POS plugins integration, your customers can go through the transaction process faster. You can also scan receipts. The Point of Sale plugin for WooCommerce provides simplicity, speed, and excellent performance which results in increasing customers’ shopping experience.

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Why your Business Needs a POS System

WordPress WooCommerce POS integration can be beneficial for your business as it takes care of all backend operations and reduces human error and saves time and money. This is all possible due to the many advanced features available in WooCommerce WordPress POS plugins. Let’s check them out.

1. Inventory Management

One of the best features of a WordPress WooCommerce POS plugin integration is the ability to manage inventory, online and offline, of multiple stores. You can manage your retail and eCommerce channels all in one place and track inventory in real-time. For example, when a customer purchases an order online, the inventory is updated across all POS channels and thus there is no incident of overstocking or running out of stock. You can also set alerts for individual items and automatically restock them. Overall, it eradicates the tedious task of managing inventory manually.

2. Customer Management

With a POS system, you can improve the user experience by simplifying the shopping process. WooCommerce POS integration enables you to add multiple payment options on your checkout page, such as credit/debit card, mobile wallet, cash, etc. This provides your customers the ease of choosing a preferred payment method, which is always a plus. Moreover, the intuitive user interface shows all operations such as inventory, sales, customer profile, etc in a single window, and thus customers don’t have to wait around for details.

3. Employee Management

WordPress WooCommerce POS plugins integration also enables you to keep track of your employees. It has a clock-in/clock-out functionality thus you can track each employee’s hours, the number of sales they made, and their schedule. With this information, you can easily determine your best employee, create a schedule, and analyze their performance.

4. Promotion Management

Through a POS system, you can advertise your products, manage sales and promotions, keep track of current offers, and much more. You can also reward your loyal customers with targeted discounts and promotions, thus enabling customer engagement and increasing sales.

5. Detailed Reports

A POS system provides detailed insights and reports regarding the performance of your business. You can get reports for each individual channel or an overall statistical analysis. These reports summarize peak hours, best-selling products, best employee, loyal customers, promotional performance, marketing campaign response, etc. This valuable information can help you improve areas of your business that are lagging behind and how best to tackle them.

All these features help in simplifying the shopping process, which results in positive reviews, increased conversion rates, and sales. So, why won’t your business avail of such benefits!

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Point of Sale plugins are systems for your retail stores that sync and update all information regarding orders, customers’ information, products, revenue, and much more to your WooCommerce account. Thus, POS plugins for WooCommerce act as a cashier for your retail store.

With the help of the WordPress WooCommerce POS plugin integration, you can manage multiple sales channels easily. It also provides an ease to the customers in making the checkout experience seamless for them. WooCommerce POS plugins are beneficial as they help in creating and managing multiple channels, supporting various payment methods, gathering customer information, and providing in-depth sales reports. With such information at your disposal, you can grow your business with minimal effort.

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