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Last updated on January 1, 2021

Adding new products in WooCommerce is a fairly simple process and WooCommerce provides multiple options for product management out-of-the-box. There are multiple ways you can display your products through WooCommerce and featured products are one of them. You can tag your best-selling or popular products as featured products and display them at key points of your online store to increase sales. This is an effective marketing technique to get popular or on-sale products in focus so customers are encouraged to make a purchase.

In this article, we are going to discuss what are WooCommerce featured products? How to set up featured products in WooCommerce? And we will also list some of the best WooCommerce plugins that help set up featured products and display them attractively.

You can list any product as featured products on WooCommerce. Featured products can be your on-sale products, customers’ favorite, new products, etc. Featured products are a great way to promote different products on your site and grab customers’ attention.

They are different from best-selling products as they are not determined by the customer, but you! You can choose where to display them and enable the visibility on/off for all or certain products. 

If placed strategically, these products can boost your conversion rates and help in increasing sales. So without further ado, let’s see how to set up featured products in WooCommerce.

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How to set up

Setting up featured products in WooCommerce is an extremely easy process and only requires 2 steps.

There are multiple ways you can set up WooCommerce featured products and all of them are quick and easy. The first option involves going to WooCommmerce > Products > All Products. You will be directed to a page where all the products are listed in a table, in the right-hand side, you will notice multiple columns, in which one is the “star column”. Click on the star beside the product that you want to mark as featured. 

Another method involves moving your cursor above the desired product, you will see certain options become visible beneath, click on “Quick Edit” and in the visibility section, tick on the featured option.

You can also bulk edit multiple products as WooComerce featured products by selecting the products and then in the “Bulk Options” dropdown above the products, choose “Edit”, and then click on “Apply”. You will be directed to an editorial page, in the options below, choose YES in the “featured” option. 

Once the featured products have been created, you can now display them by using shortcodes or widgets. 

WooCommerce has a shortcode for featured products, that is: [featured_product]

Now, you can adjust the number of products shown per column by adding them into the above shortcode. Such as [featured_products per_page=”4″ columns=”2″], this will show 4 products per page divided into 2 columns. 

You can also display WooCommerce featured products through an available widget. Just go to Appearance > Widgets. And drag the featured product widget into the sidebar column on the right, think of a title and add in the number of featured products to display. 

And that’s it! Now you know how to set up featured products in WooCommerce. It easy, quick, and flexible. But to take it to the next level, we have shortlisted some of the best plugins for WooCommerce featured products below. 

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  1. WC Featured Products
  2. Featured Products by Category
  3. WooCommerce Blocks
  4. Posts Widget
  5. WooFeatured
  6. Featured Products Vertical Scroller

1. WC Featured Products

WC Featured Products

WC featured products is a very simple WooCommerce plugin that enables you to display featured products on top of the page. With this plugin, you can handle the pages where the featured products are shown. It also enables you to globally manage all products. It is immensely easy to install and set up and is one of the best WooCommerce featured plugins available. 

Key Features

  • Once activated, the featured products are a priority and listed at the top of the page. 
  • You can enable/disable your featured products to be displayed on the shop page, product search page, or archive page.

To download, click here.

2. Featured Products by Category

By category

This WooCommmerce featured product plugin enables you to display products based on categories with the help of shortcodes. This is also a very easy plugin to use and set up. All you have to do is find the slug of the desired category whose featured products you want to display on the homepage. Use the shortcode:

[featured_products_by_category cat=”your-selected-cat-slug”] in the page or widget section.

You can also limit the number of products shown per page by using the shortcode:

[featured_products_by_category cat=”your-selected-cat-slug” limit=4]

Key Features

  • Enables you to show featured products of chosen categories on the home page. 
  • Uses shortcodes which can also override the default limit of featured products shown. 

To download, click here.

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3. WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce blocks for featured products

WooCommerce Blocks is one of the best WooCommerce featured product plugins available. It provides you with multiple blocks that help you customize and style your online store according to your preference.

Among the many available blocks, it has a “Featured Product Block”. This enables you to select a product, control its descriptions, hide/show prices, fix text alignment, add a call to action button, and even add in a photo. Similarly, you can also create a grid of selected products by using the “Hand-Picked Products Block, Best Selling Products Block, Newest Products Block”, etc. 

Key Features

  • Consists of multiple blocks to organize and customize your website. 
  • Enables you to show selected products in grids.
  • Enhances the featured products by adding a call to action button, description, and image by using the “Featured Product Block”. 
  • Enables you to highlight reviews by “All Reviews, Reviews by Category, and Review by Product”. 
  • Check out the complete list of available blocks here.

To download, click here.

4. Posts Widget

Post Widgets for featured products

Posts Widget is the ultimate WooCommerce featured products plugin available. It provides complete control to the user to create and display the featured products according to their preference. It has multiple options for displaying the featured products such as you can add/remove content like description, comments, reviews, author, date, etc. With this plugin, you can choose from available layouts or create your own design. 

Key Features

  • Available layouts for displaying featured products include Classic, Cards, and Full Content.
  • You can add/remove content from the selected posts like author, term, date, comments, etc.
  • You can choose the placement, alignment, typography, and design of the posts. 
  • You can also customize the layout by adjusting the column dimensions, the number of columns, product limit, etc. 

To download, click here.

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5. WooFeatured

WooFeatured -  WooCommerce Featured Products Plugin

WooFeatured is another WooCommerce featured product plugin that enables you to highlight and showcase your best selling or popular products on the top of the chosen category pages. This plugin is extremely easy to set up and use and does not require any coding. You can easily select the products you want to highlight and leave the rest of it up to WooFeatured. 

Key Features

  • You can select multiple products from each category. 
  • Enables you to highlight selected products at the top of the category page.
  • No coding required.
  • Set up in under 5 minutes.

To download, click here.

6. Featured Products Vertical Scroller

Vertical Scroller

This WooCommerce featured product plugin enables you to display your featured products in a vertical scroller/slider. This plugin works by using shortcodes or widgets. You can control the speed of the scroller, the number of products, and the number of scrollers on a page.

The main shortcode is: [wcfps

You can further customize this by adding:

  • Id – for number of scrollers 
  • num_slides – for the limit of visible products
  • speed – for setting scroller speed
  • category_slug – choose products by category slug

Key Features

  • Display featured products in a vertical scroller.
  • Options to control the speed, product limit, etc.

To download, click here.

Final Words

Featured products are a great way to highlight the profitable or newest products on your website and entice your customers to make a purchase. You can display on-sale, best selling, and seasonal products as featured to increase sales. It is also great for businesses that change their items seasonally and thus need to get rid of the older stock. Therefore, we prepared this complete guide where you can learn how to set up featured products in WooCommerce and also shortlisted some of the best plugins that enable you to display them uniquely.

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