A Complete WooCommerce Smart Coupons Guide – How to Use?

Last updated on March 5, 2021

WooCommerce provides you many means to improve the shopping experience and improve customer satisfaction. One of them involves WooCommerce coupons, which are available out-of-the-box, but to take this to the next level, you can try the WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin to create advanced coupons that are sure to increase your sales. 

WooCommerce coupons enable you to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction by rewarding your customers with a discount on the cart or checkout page. But with Smart Coupons for WooCommerce, you can offer multiple types of coupons such as URL, subscription, and even create bulk coupons and much more. It is jam-packed with features and is thus considered one of the best WooCommerce coupon plugins available. 

In this article, we are going to cover the many benefits of the WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin and how to effectively apply them to your online store. Let’s get started!

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Get More Customers and Improve Sales With WooCommerce Smart Coupons

Get More Customers

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is the ultimate plugin for promotion, discounts, gift vouchers, and much more. It consists of advanced conditioning which enables you to set up coupons for different actions, such as BOGO deals, fixed or percentage coupons, store credit, coupon with a product purchase, and much more.

All of these features are designed to entice customers to increase their order value and come back for more. It is an extremely powerful and flexible plugin and consists of advanced coupon restrictions to help you define the terms clearly. It has been estimated that coupons help in increasing sales by up to 30%. Who doesn’t want to avail of that advantage?

Benefits of WooCommerce Smart Coupons

Benefits of WooCommerce Smart Coupons

This plugin consists of unlimited features that are sure to increase your sales, bring in more customers, and generate more revenue. Let’s see what Smart Coupons for WooCommerce has to offer. 

1. Multiple Types of Coupons

WooCommerce Smart Coupons enables you to create multiple types of coupons, discounts, and much more. This plugin allows you to create coupons on 4 dynamic pricing types, such as percentage discount, fixed cart discount, store credit or gift card, and fixed product discount. 

Store credit enables you to set a value limit and expiry date which your customers can utilize on your store. This is great for a refund or as a gift to someone. You can also add a custom message and delivery time on your store credit.   

2. Bulk Generation

You can also generate coupons in bulk with Smart Coupons for WooCommerce. All you have to do is go to WooCommerce > Coupon and select the Bulk Generate option. You can set the number of coupons you want to create and either add them to the store, export to CSV, or email the coupons to customers. This feature helps you save tons of time and makes the job quick and easy.

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3. Advanced Coupon Restrictions

This plugin also provides advanced restriction options so you can create coupons based on your rules and conditioning. For example, you can restrict the usage of coupons based on the type of payment gateway being used, products selected, categories used, user roles, minimum spend limit, shipping method, expiration date, and much more.

This feature enables you to create exciting coupons rather than the usual cart/checkout page coupons created by WooCommerce and helps in bringing more customers.  

4. Customization

WooCommerce Smart Coupons also consists of pre-designed coupon templates and multiple color schemes to pick from. You can also create your own color scheme matching your brand’s style. These are highly responsive designs and easy to set up.

5. URL Coupons

With the URL coupon feature, you can link one or more coupons together and send them in emails or use them on your social media accounts. Customers don’t need to copy-paste or use a WooCommerce smart coupons code. The discount will be automatically applied once the link is used. 

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6. Giveaways

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce also enables you to add products with a coupon. Thus when a customer enters the WooCommerce smart coupons code, the product will be automatically added and to the cart along with a discount that you choose.   

7. Coupon with Product Purchase

Entice your customers with coupons, discounts, and gift vouchers by asking them to purchase a product. This helps in increasing sales and building customer loyalty.

8. What’s More?

And that’s not it! WooCommerce Smart Coupons consists of other features like a subscription or recurring coupons, seasonal or time-sensitive discounts, coupons on the shipping method, new user, and One-Click coupons. This plugin also makes it easy for you to create, manage, and filter coupons in a single place. And thus it’s one of the best WooCommerce coupon plugins available.

It is also compatible with other plugins like WooCommerce Subscriptions, Smart Offers, and Chained Products. 

Strategies to Use WooCommerce Smart Coupons


Merely setting up Smart Coupons for WooCommmerce isn’t going to work. You need to think strategically of a specific time, events, and type of coupons to use together to gain the most customer loyalty and sales. 

1. Use Holidays to Boost Conversions

Holidays are a great way to capture customers and what’s better than offering them discounts and coupons on your store? You can also offer your customers store credit and gift vouchers to save your customers from decision making and giving their friends the perfect gift. 

You can also enable time-sensitive coupons thus urging your customers to make the purchase immediately. 

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2. Stock Clearance

Coupons also provide a great way for store owners to clear previous stock and introduce new products. You can offer WooCommerce Smart Coupons “product giveaway” feature that will automatically add a product when a coupon is used. It also helps in increasing customer satisfaction. 

3. BOGO Deals

BOGO deals are also an effective marketing technique to lure in customers. You can create coupons that add in a free product when a certain product is purchased. 

4. Store Credit for Refund

Store credit by Smart Coupons for WooCommerce does not only make an excellent gift, it is also great for refunds. Don’t let a customer’s poor review hold you back, offer them store credit, and win them back. Make good on your next service and increase customer loyalty.

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5. Multiple Coupons per Product

You can also offer your customer multiple coupons on a single product for a limited time to create urgency and entice them to make the purchase.

There are many ways you can utilize the WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin and make your store valuable for your customers.

Final Words

Smart Coupons plugin for WooCommerce provides the ultimate solution for setting up advanced coupons on your store. It is filled with amazing features to level up your coupon game and provide your customers with exciting discounts and vouchers. This plugin makes your work easy and also helps to increase sales, customer loyalty, and satisfaction. Make sure to strategically place coupons on your website to boost conversion rates.

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