Best WooCommerce Themes of 2023 – Top 20 Themes For Your e-Store

Last updated on February 17, 2023

To engage your audience, it is necessary to present them with eye-catching details. This technique is very popular in eCommerce Business and Online stores. That’s why you need the best WooCommerce themes for your store. With everything being sold online, the competition is getting harder and it’s difficult to be unique when selling similar products. To stand out from your competitors, you need to have refreshing WordPress website themes to capture the target market.

WordPress is a free and reliable content management system where you can make amazing websites for visual purposes. With the help of WooCommerce, you can build your WordPress website into an eCommerce store. WooCommerce turns your WordPress website into an operational online store where you can sell a variety of products, from clothing to medicines. WooCommerce is also equipped with extensions, plugins, and themes that can totally change the outlook of your website and therefore, customize it according to your brand. 

Today we are going to discuss the best WooCommerce themes of 2022 available to modify your WordPress website into an impressive storefront.

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Why Choosing the Right Theme is Important for your Business

Going online is a major way to expand your customers and range, but you will fail to achieve that success if you have a poorly designed website. A website should be able to not only catch your eye but also be easy enough to explore. Too much or too little traffic can either make you or break your business. So how do you find that perfect balance? Well, the best thing about WooCommerce is that you don’t have to worry about it. WooCommerce has more than 500+ paid and free WooCommerce themes. It cares about the needs of their clients and work according to it.

Each WooCommerce compatible theme is categorized for each type of business. You can get a WooCommerce storefront theme, premium WooCommerce theme, or also themes that you can download for free. The importance of WooCommerce themes cannot be ignored because they provide the visuals for your online store. These themes are easily modified into your existing theme. As a result, you can make your homepage easy to explore and impressive to look at. 

Benefits of Choosing the Best WooCommerce Theme

A good WooCommerce theme helps to increase sales and activity on your online store. You need to have a theme that is easily accessible by mobile and web, has light traffic, offers customer support, uses the latest updates, and is also easy to explore and operate. Once all these bases are covered, you will be left with an amazing online website which is sure to increase your market.

You can also check out the amazing premium WooCommerce themes available on their website. They also cover a wide range of products. Choosing premium or free WooCommerce themes enables you to build an amazing storefront and also interact with your customers. Its purpose is not only encouraging sales but also to increase the demand and market. Consequently, The disadvantages of a poorly designed website are numerous and result in bad marketing, low sales, and bad reviews. In the age of online marketing, be unique by choosing the best WooCommerce themes.

How To Install a WooCommerce Theme on WordPress

Installing a WooCommerce theme on WordPress is very easy to do. We are going to make a step-by-step guide so it’s easily understandable.  

  1. Once your theme has been downloaded, you go to the WooCommerce dashboard download section and get your zip file from there.
  2. Then, you open your WordPress site and go to themes in appearance and upload the zip file.
  3. Once it’s uploaded, again go to themes in appearance and click on activate. 
  4. You also need to add the activation key from WooCommerce Helper, this enables your site for quick theme upgrades. 
  5. After installation, you also need to set up your theme. By visiting the WooCommerce website, you can find documentation on each theme which will help you with various issues, if any. 

Customers often inquire about their website data being lost if they change to another theme. Well, according to WooCommerce, this is not true. Your data will be safe even if you switch to another theme that has a different layout from your previous theme. You can also reach out to the WooCommerce support team in case of any troubleshooting. 

You can find all the necessary information about installing and updating your WooCommerce paid or free Theme on WordPress here

Buying Guide for Best WooCommerce Themes 

To stand out, you can’t just pick any theme for your WordPress website. The best WordPress WooCommerce themes are those that can relay your brand, your product, your vision, and increase interaction with the customer with as little traffic as possible. With so many options out there, it becomes hard to make a choice, thus we have summarized selection criteria which will help you pick the best WooCommerce theme


This includes the basic structure of your website. When selecting a WooCommerce theme, you need to keep the type of products you have in mind and how you want to showcase them. You need to find one of the best paid or free WooCommerce themes that is already compatible with your products and requires minimum changes. Do you have to play around with clothes, pottery, or food? Each of these has a different presenting style, you could play with colors and shapes, and thus your layout should be simple or bold enough to bring focus to the product.

Compatible with plugins

The best WooCommerce themes are compatible with additional plugins and extensions to get more amazing features on your website. You need to give preference to a theme that is integrated with WooCommerce for better functionality and quick changes. Although, choosing a theme that already has additional extensions is better, as it ensures less traffic. 


WordPress themes that are compatible with WooCommerce are equipped with special pages, checkout bar, search bar, etc. These pages should be easy to navigate and operate. You need to find a theme that promotes your brand and is user-friendly. Don’t think that to stand out you need to have a complex theme with many add-ons, this will just cause heavy traffic, loading issues, and confusion. A complex theme will disturb your customers and would result in cart abandonment. 

Mobile friendly

Mobile is the most used device for online shopping and thus your theme should be able to run smoothly on it. Most premium and free WooCommerce themes are responsive on mobile and allow the customer to move back and forth between pages, easy checkout, and search products without any glitch or hangup. WooCommerce WordPress themes also have a live demo option, which you can run on your mobile and see if you can navigate easily.

Optimized checkout section

One of the most tedious processes of online shopping is the checkout process. Customers want this part to be as seamless as possible. Many WooCommerce compatible themes are equipped with plugins that give a standard checkout option which you can customize easily. You also need to keep this part as simple and effective as possible, with a shopping cart, and add to cart option. This reduces cart abandonment and increases sales. 

Easy to Use

Either they are premium or free WordPress WooCommerce themes, they should be easy to use and customize. Most people are not familiar with coding and require easy instructions to make the required changes. It should also have the latest updates without having unnecessary elements. A free WordPress WooCommerce theme that is easy to customize, runs smoothly, and increases sales, and activity on the site is the best you can ask for. 

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Top 20 WooCommerce Themes For Your Website

There are many WooCommerce compatible themes, both paid and free, available that can make your online store look impressive and unique. We are going to list some of the best WooCommerce themes in 2022, let’s get started!

  1. Neto – Premium, Fast, Easy control
  2. Ultra – Smart Layout Options, Drag and Drop control
  3. Astra – For Beginners, Leightweight, Fast, Free
  4. Galleria – Storefront child theme, Responsive
  5. Deli – Storefront child theme, Earthy Layout
  6. Shoptimizer – Fastest, Accessible, Flexible
  7. ProShop – Storefront child theme, For Sports
  8. Hugo – For Business, Smart Widgets
  9. Digital Pro – Premade Layouts, Mobile Responsive
  10. Divi – Drag and Drop Control, Real-Time change
  11. Pharmacy – For Healthcare related products
  12. Presence – Versatile, Drag and Drop Control
  13. Petshop – Storefront child theme, For Pet-related products
  14. Bistro – Storefront child theme, For Organic goods
  15. Fifth Avenue – Customizable, Mobile Responsive
  16. Artisan – For Hand-made products
  17. Arcade – For Gaming equipment
  18. Indigo – Premade Content layouts, Dropdown cart
  19. Highend – Professional, Live-Color customizer
  20. Hotel – Storefront child theme, For Services
Neto WooCommerce Theme

Neto is one of the WooCommerce store themes that is integrated with WooCommerce. It is a premium WooCommerce theme that has a flexible layout that can be customized by shortcodes and smart widgets. It has multiple templates to choose from and customize on. Therefore, You can change the color, background, and resize the logo easily. 

By using Neto, you are sure to be SEO optimized, have excellent speed, easy control, and get all the latest upgrades. It also allows you the flexibility to choose from your preferred visual composer. 

Ultra WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Ultra is the best option for WooCommerce eCommerce themes. It gives the user complete control, from header to footer, over the site. Ultra has over 15+ templates to choose from. It is up to you to give each page the same look or go with something different on each page. It also has pre-made demos for all categories and products. Its amazing features include parallax floating, drag and drop customization, and multiple smart layout options.

Astra free WooCommerce Themes

Astra is among the free WooCommerce WordPress themes. It is also the least demanding theme available that you can easily customize with their wide range of options. It is great for beginners and has premade website templates to get you started in no time. 

You can easily customize the layout, colors, page dimensions, and blog posts. Its lightweight nature gives it excellent speed and performance. Thus, it is one of the best WooCommerce themes.  

Galleria WordPress Theme

Galleria is a child theme of WooCommerce Storefront. The child WooCommerce Compatible themes include features from its parent theme as well, and together you get a completely new look with advanced features. Galleria focuses on the products and highlights them in the best way possible so that all attention is on the products. It is a highly responsive WooCommerce theme that has amazing eCommerce features such as top-rated products widget, checkout, etc. The layout is adaptable to any device, either a laptop or a mobile. 

Deli Storefront Theme

Another child theme of the WooCommerce Storefront theme is Deli. It is specifically designed by keeping close to nature. Deli has an earthy layout that is perfect for selling home-made goods, organic foods, and anything that speaks nature. It is compatible with WooCommerce. Thus, has all the benefits of a strong core, easy control, amazing response, and additional plugin features. 

You need to install the Storefront theme as well to make Deli operational.

Shoptimizer Responsive free WooCommerce Themes

Shoptimizer is the fastest Premium WooCommerce theme. It is designed by keeping functionality in mind. Therefore, enabling the user to make the fast conversion, easy checkout, and navigation. Shoptimizer can downsize its main CSS file so that the page loads faster. 

Shoptimizer has more than 5000+ additional features that you can avail of and make your site look and feel unique. Moreover, Shoptimizer will give you higher SEO rankings, a call-me-back feature that increases sales, and different product layout options.  Its accessibility, speed, and functionality make it better than its competition. 


ProShop is another child theme of Storefront WooCommerce designed for sports and equipment websites. Its urbanized theme is great for displaying sports equipment and giving it an aesthetic outlook.

It also has a fixed header and a scrollable homepage which allows you to display your products in the best way possible.

Hugo paid and free WooCommerce Themes

Hugo is one of the best WooCommerce WordPress themes for eCommerce business. Its optimized layouts are designed to promote your products and increase your sales. Hugo is also integrated with WooCommerce. Thus, it enjoys all the additional plugins and smart widgets. Widgets include social networking and added functionality. 

You can also easily customize your website with the drag and drop option. Moreover, Enjoy constant updates, faster speed, and multiple color schemes with Hugo. 

Digital Pro

Digital Pro is here to elevate your digital business to a whole new level. Design in open, easy to read simple layout to better understand the product. Digital Pro is one of the WooCommerce compatible themes that work with WooCommerce. Thus, it is easy to operate and customize. 

You can easily customize the premade layouts with a click of a button. You can also customize the header and theme by color and content. It is also mobile responsive and thus one of the best WooCommerce themes in 2022.  

Divi WordPress WooCommerce theme

Divi is a game-changer when it comes to WordPress WooCommerce themes. With Divi, you can manage your website effortlessly with its drag and drop controls. It also allows real-time changes, so you can see what your website looks like instantly. It is an extremely responsive WooCommerce theme that adapts to all devices. 

You can also incorporate your custom CSS file with Divi and make your own unique style. It allows easy control, quick changes, and true visual editing. 

Pharmacy WooCommerce Theme

Pharmacy is one of WooCommerce Storefront themes that is specifically designed for the healthcare system. This theme is used for selling any pharmaceutical related products. Its design radiates peace, calmness, and trustworthiness, all of which are perfect for this purpose. 

As it is designed upon the Storefront core, it is compatible with WooCommerce and enjoys its added plugins. It is responsive, accessible, and mobile-friendly.


The Presence theme can be used for many types of online businesses. Its layout is available in 2 options; boxed and full-width. They also have multiple pre-designed pages that you can incorporate on your website or make your own with the drag and drop option. It can be used for real estate, music, hotels, etc. 

Petshop Theme

The Petshop is also a child theme of WooCommerce Storefront. It is built on the Storefront core. Thus, enjoys all the previous and latest plugin features. Petshop is designed in a simple and friendly manner to promote sales of pet-related products. 

You can also customize the look of your website with just a few clicks. The WooCommerce integration benefits from the easy operation and advanced eCommerce features

Bistro Storefront Child

The Bistro Woocommerce theme is a child theme of Storefront. It is designed by elements that represent earthy feels. Therefore, It is perfect for selling organic and homemade goods. It has simple layouts with few special features to make it stand out. 

It has an eCommerce based homepage that promotes and sells your products. Above all, You can see the customizations in real-time and enjoy various extensions from WooCommerce. 

Fifth Avenue WooCommerce Theme

Fifth Avenue is a user-friendly design and powered by Gutenberg. There are multiple layouts to choose from, which you can customize from header to footer. You can also change the button placings and product grid with a click of a button. It is suitable for selling any product. 

It is a mobile responsive theme. Therefore, allows you to customize a layout for handheld devices. You can also change the color theme. 

It is has a strong core, compatible with plugins and fast performance. Thus, considered one of the best WooCommerce themes.


The Artisan WooCommerce theme is perfect for your handmade products like pottery, paintings, and decorations. It is also very easy to install and setup. Any customized layout you create will appear perfectly on a mobile device.  

The Artisan theme is also compatible with Widgets Builder which allows you to add cool features on your site to properly showcase your products. You can customize the header, footer, resize the logo, and change color schemes as well.

Arcade Premium Theme

Arcade is one of the WordPress WooCommerce premium themes. It is designed for selling gaming equipment. It has a bold and distinct outlook that is sure to capture your customers’ attention. Arcade remains decluttered and light and still shows maximum products on their homepage. It is built upon Storefront’s strong core. 

You can avail advanced features like mega menu with buying Storefront extension. 

Indigo Shop Theme

The Indigo is the perfect WooCommerce WordPress theme in 2022. It comes with 9 different page layouts which are completely customizable. Indigo also has options for different inner pages. It also comes with amazing eCommerce features like a dropdown cart, sticky cart, and content layouts. 

Indigo is a responsive WooCommerce store theme that customizes according to every type of device and gives an excellent resolution. 

Highend responsive WooCommerce Theme

If you want to give your website a professional look, then Highend is the one for you. It is an ultra-responsive WooCommerce theme that is adaptable to any device. It is compatible with WooCommerce and has around $200 worth of plugins included. 

You have complete control over the website and can customize it according to your brand by the drag and drop option. It has multiple layout options and a live-color customizer, so you can easily customize it. 

Enjoy versatile blog layout, mega menus, hundreds of fonts and much more. 

Hotel premium and free WooCommerce themes

Hotel is a child theme of Storefront WooCommerce which sells services, accommodations, and hotel reservations. It is related to traveling and thus requires an eye-catching storefront. This minimalistic and modern design features a header with welcome content that you can customize easily with just a few clicks. It is a responsive WooCommerce theme and works smoothly on mobile devices.

However, You need to get WooCommerce Bookings and Accommodations integration to add various eCommerce plugins. 


If you want to find the best WooCommerce theme for your business, you need to start exploring. There is a wide range of premium and free themes for WooCommerce available and you can easily find one according to your preference. When it comes to WordPress WooCommerce themes, their integration with WooCommerce makes them reliable and equipped with the latest eCommerce features. 

Good WooCommerce Compatible themes should be able to portray your story, speak your brand, and showcase your product in the best way possible. A theme that is integrated with social media interaction, multiple layouts, easy customization, additional extensions and remains lightweight is the one.

Each of the above premium and free WooCommerce compatible themes is equipped with different elements, plugins, and is suitable for different products. Aside from product representation, a theme should be fast, have excellent mobile response, social media interaction, compatibility with plugins, easy to use, and be accessible. Each of these themes comes with a live demo which will make it easier for you to decide. Keeping the criteria in mind, you will find the best WooCommerce theme for your business. 

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