Complete WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Guide – 10 Best Plugins

Last updated on October 2, 2021

Customers love when they can customize their products according to their preferences. Now you can also enable this option for your customers by using WooCommerce product addons plugins. These plugins allow you to add extra options on your WooCommerce product table or checkout page and customize prices, layout, etc. With such an opportunity, your limit is your imagination. This also helps in improving customer experience and gives them control over their purchase.

Why Do We Need WooCommerce Product Add-ons?

The major reason for the need for the best WooCommerce product addons is to improve customer experience. The only way to stand out among the many businesses selling the same products as you is to capture the customers’ attention, and for that, you need to do something extra or unique. By using product addons plugin, you can do just that! They enable you to add custom fields to your products so customers can add a personal touch on their items.

For example, you can add a custom title, message, color option, additional note, in case you run a restaurant, jewelry store, and much more. You also have the option of setting different pricing and demands for each option. It is a great way to add customer customization to your website and helps in increasing sales and customer satisfaction. 

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Top 10 WooCommerce Product Addons Plugins

  1. Product Addons WooCommerce
  2. Yith Product Addons For WooCommerce
  3. WooCommerce Ultimate Product Addons
  4. Custom Product Addons
  5. Personalized Product Option Manager
  6. Product Addons By WooCommerce
  7. Extra Product Options
  8. WooCommerce Extra Product Options by ThemeComplete
  9. WooCommerce Custom Fields
  10. Improved Product Options for WooCommerce

1. Product Addons WooCommerce

product addons woocommerce

The Product Addons WooCommerce plugin allows users to create options for both simple and variable products. Customers can choose options for a single product, a whole category, or both. It is great for businesses that deal with customizable products such as a clothing store, a jewelry store, or even a restaurant. This is one of the best WooCommerce product addons and removes the hassle of customer queries. 

By creating multiple custom fields, customers can choose the color, size, variation, etc easily. You can also add a price field and set different pricing for each variation. Product Addons provides multiple options for showcasing custom fields, such as radio buttons, selection, checkboxes, and text fields. It also allows further functionality by adding add-ons for checkout and product restrictions

Key Features

  • Creating custom fields for single and variable products.
  • Add product add-ons on a single product, category, or both.
  • Different options to showcase add-ons such as radio button, text field, selection, and checkboxes.
  • You can also add pricing for each product.
  • The Product Addons Plus version allows you to add advanced custom fields and an “Add to Cart” button.
  • You can also add add-ons on the checkout page and customers can select the variations from there. 
  • It also adds product and order restrictions where you can set the quantity of product allowed or cart level restrictions. 

To download, click here.

2. Yith Product Addons For WooCommerce

Yith product addons

With Yith Product Addons for WooCommerce, you can offer your customers unlimited options for product customization and real-time pricing as well. If you own a shop that deals with clothing, jewelry, bakery, etc, you can create custom fields regarding size, color, text messages,  price, and much more to enable your customers to design their product according to their preference. Customization is a favorable aspect in every business and helps in increasing sales.

This product addons plugin offers many features, such as you can create multiple options and use them individually for each product or assign it to a group of products. You can also set conditional logic and assign prices in fixed or percentage format which increases the normal price depending on what customization the customer chooses. You can also add an “Add to Cart” button and upload multiple variation pictures of a product. Overall, it is one of the best WooCommerce product addons plugins available. 

Key Features

  • Set custom fields for specific or group of products.
  • You can show the fields by checkboxes, colors, radio buttons, labels, upload, select, and text areas.
  • Assign prices in fixed or percentage format.
  • Customers can only see fields related to their products.
  • You can also duplicate your add-ons, groups, and options.
  • Customers can preview the product or variation they selected. 
  • Translation ready.
  • Available for free.
  • Also has a Premium version available that has advanced features such as multiple pricing format, setting attributes and their description, support with various WooCommerce themes, and plugins. 

To download, click here

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3. WooCommerce Ultimate Product Addons

best woocommerce product addons

The Ultimate Product Addons for WooCommerce allows customers to personalize their orders by multiple field options set by you. This plugin also offers you to assign a price to each option and the total price is added or subtracted depending on the customizations chosen by the customer. You can showcase these options through dropdowns, checkboxes, radio groups, file upload, info fields, date pickers, and text boxes.

This plugin consists of many features and is one of the best WooCommerce product addons plugins. You can assign the custom fields to individual products or a group of products. It also enables us to assign fields globally by product category or ID. You can also enable conditional logic to certain fields, prices, and options. You can also add customer prices to each field, along with discounts. Customers can also upload their files for customization and immediately see a thumbnail. Customers can see their complete list of add-ons selected on the checkout page.

Key Features 

  • Add custom options to products.
  • Display options by checkboxes, text boxes, selection, radio buttons, date pickers, etc.
  • Applies conditional logic.
  • Assign prices, discounts, and custom prices to products.
  • Summary panel for displaying selected product addons.
  • The Pro version includes advanced features such as child products or suggested products to increase total, add image swatches, enable calculation fields, and much more.

To download, click here

4. Custom Product Addons

Custom product addons

This plugin is one of the best WooCommerce product addons plugins available. It is equipped with a customs form builder that allows you to add multiple extra options for your products. It also enables conditional logic and you can show/hide fields depending on the customization selected by the customer. You can also show/hide fields depending on the variation selected. You can also assign prices and use a custom pricing formula for product quantity, input value, and other attributes.

It has multiple display options available, such as checkbox, radio group, file upload, selection, input field, date, color, location, and price. Custom Product Addons has 4 pricing plans available depending on the number of sites and updates period, such as Single site (1-year update) for $39 and Single Site (lifetime updates) for $59

Key Features

  • Consists of a drag and drop form builder.
  • Display extra options by a text field, selection, checkbox, radio group, color picker, header, paragraph, etc.
  • Apply custom products to a single product or a category.
  • Conditional logic is applicable.
  • Create unlimited fields and forms.
  • The premium version consists of advanced pricing methods, changing the size of fields, etc.

To download, click here.

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5. Personalized Product Option Manager

best woocommerce product addons

Personalized Product Option Manager is a WooCommerce product addons plugin. It has a drag and drop form builder that eases the work significantly. You can add personalized custom fields to your products. It also enables you to add custom pricing for each field. It consists of multiple input types such as text, select, radio button, checkbox, text area, number, date, email, etc.

This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Advanced Order Export. It is also WPML ready. It also has a Pro version available with advanced tools like pricing based on weight, multiple input types including color palette, date range, image swatches, etc. The Pro version is also compatible with the WooCommerce Currency Switcher and Wholesale plugin

Key Features  

  • Easy to use drag and drop form builder.
  • Multiple input fields such as text, text area, checkbox, color, date, email, etc.
  • Adjust pricing for each field.
  • Tooltip to guide customers.
  • Conditional logic is applicable.
  • You can show/hide fields based on user roles.
  • Easy Export Plugin helps you export all data.
  • You can set the file type and size.
  • Also has a pro version.

To download, click here.

6. Product Addons By WooCommerce

product addons plugins

This is the official WooCommerce product addons plugin. It allows customers to create customized products while shopping on the website. Website owners can add multiple extra fields to allow customization. The input fields are shown by checkboxes, images, text area, dropdown menu, etc.  

You can also set prices for each field either in a flat rate or percentage format. The Product Addons plugin by WooCommerce is also compatible with WooCommerce Bookings and Subscriptions.

Key Features

  • Create extra options for products.
  • Customers can customize their products on the page.
  • Input fields are displayed as checkboxes, drop-down menus, text areas, etc.
  • Flat rate or percentage format pricing for each field.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Bookings and Subscriptions.
  • $49 billed annually. 

To download, click here.

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7. Extra Product Options

Extra Product options

The WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin enables you to increase the functionality of your website by adding custom fields for products and letting customers personalize their orders. You can display the extra options by date picker, heading, paragraph, text area, radio button, etc. It has a total of 13 input type options available. It also enables you to set the placement of the options.

This plugin also enables conditional logic and shows/hides fields depending on the variations selected. You can set the input fields on the cart page, checkout page, or order details page. Its premium version has 4 additional field types such as time picker, file upload, multi-select, and HTML. 

Key Features

  • Set multiple extra options for products.
  • Conditional logic is applicable.
  • 13 options available for the display of input fields.
  • Set the location of the input fields.
  • Enable further functionality with hooks.
  • Duplicate fields and sections with a single click.

To download, click here.

8. WooCommerce Extra Product Options by ThemeComplete

WooCommerce extra product options

The WooCommerce Extra Product Options enables you to add conditional logic to your WooCommerce pricing to grab customer’s attention. You can build forms, add product add-ons, and options. It also enables you to convert product attributes into image swatches, radio buttons, and dropdown menus. This WooCommerce extra product options plugin also has an intuitive form builder that creates options per product or globally.

Key Features

  • Apply conditional logic on product options.
  • All features can be managed via an extensive control panel.
  • Math Formula enables you to control product option pricing.
  • Supports composite and bundle plugins.
  • Lazy load images for checkboxes and radio buttons.

To download, click here.

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9. WooCommerce Custom Fields

WooCommerce extra product options

If you want to improve your customer shopping and checkout experience, then this is the plugin for you. WooCommerce Custom Fields enables you to add extra product options so customers can customize their purchases. You can also add custom fields in user forms, checkout, orders, etc to optimize workflow and gain additional information.

Conditional logic can be easily applied on fields to determine when, where, and who can see the fields depending on the values they choose.

Key Features

  • Add different pricing options for custom fields.
  • Supports more than 10 field types, such as text, email, datepicker, multiselect, radio buttons, etc
  • Gather additonal information at the product, category, cart, order, or checkout page.
  • Accept files from customers.
  • Fields can be marked as private or public.

To download, click here.

10. Improved Product Options for WooCommerce

WooCommerce extra product options

If you want to add extra product options for your WooCommerce store in an attractive manner, then use this plugin. The plugin easily integrates with WooCommerce and enables you to add options in the product, shop, and archive pages. Its advanced features also provide multiple attribute styling options for simple and variable products.

Key Features

  • Price addon option for custom fields.
  • Supports simple and variable products.
  • Set fields for products individually or globally.
  • Mobile responsive.
  • HIde out of stock products.
  • Use the drag and drop customization manager to design and place fields.

To download, click here.

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How To Add WooCommerce Product Addons

How do I add product add-ons to WooCommerce? The process of adding new plugins is the same for every plugin and very easy to follow. All you have to do is download the zip file from the WooCommerce Directory or through third-party apps. Then simply go to plugins, then add new, and click on upload. After uploading your zip file, click on install and then activate. 

Once it’s activated, you can go to settings and configure the plugin however you want. 

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How Do Addons Improve The Experience? 

improve the experience

1. Customization

The key function of product addons is to enable customization of your products. For example, you have a stationary store, you can offer customers to print their names or special messages on pencils, notebooks, stationery boxes, etc. It is a great way to attract customers. You can also charge additional fees for customization and thus it is good for the business as well. 

2. Variation

WooCommerce product addons plugin also enables you to show variations of a product, such as the different sizes or colors of a clothing item. You can either show them by a dropdown menu or through the product table. Customers can also easily set the quantity of each product they want. 

3. Easily manageable 

Either you sell physical or downloadable products, managing them is difficult, especially if they all have variations. Thus, with the help of WooCommerce product addons, you can easily manage them on a single table or dropdown menu. It improves the checkout process as well. 

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Features of the Best WooCommerce Product Addons Plugins

The best WooCommerce product addons plugins consist of many features, but we are going to discuss some of the most important and essential among them. 

1. Adjust product pricing and weight

With product addons plugins, you can easily adjust the pricing and weight of each product and its variation. You can set prices for an individual or group of products. It also allows you to add custom pricing for customization, special demands, etc. 

2. Conditional logic

Conditional logic refers to the function of showing or hiding certain fields according to the information entered by the customer. Now, not all plugins have this feature, but it is an amazing tool and can help you out greatly. You can add conditional logic pricing as well and tag the products so they are easily trackable. 

3. Set multiple fields

The most basic and main feature of WooCommerce product addons is customizing and adding multiple fields on your product page or table. You can create any type of field such as additional prices, checkboxes, dropdown menu, radio buttons, variation buttons, etc. Some plugins also allow you to add fields per product or globally. 

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Adding product addons to your products is a good way to attract customers. Customers love personalization and that is just what you offer with these plugins. The best WooCommerce product addons plugins enable you to showcase multiple custom fields in attractive input styles so that your site looks neat and clean. It also significantly reduces customer queries and emails regarding customization. 

All of the above-mentioned plugins are packed with features. Therefore, the choice depends on your budget, preference, and user experience. Adding a customization option is a great way to increase sales and boost your business

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