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Yith Product Addons For WooCommerce

With Yith Product Addons for WooCommerce, you can offer your customers unlimited options for product customization and real-time pricing as well. If you own a shop that deals with clothing, jewelry, bakery, etc, you can create custom fields regarding size, color, text messages,  price, and much more to enable your customers to design their product according to their preference. Customization is a favorable aspect in every business and helps in increasing sales.

This product addons plugin offers many features, such as you can create multiple options and use them individually for each product or assign it to a group of products. You can also set conditional logic and assign prices in fixed or percentage format which increases the normal price depending on what customization the customer chooses. You can also add an “Add to Cart” button and upload multiple variation pictures of a product. Overall, it is one of the best WooCommerce product addons plugins available.

Features List:

  • Set custom fields for specific or group of products.
  • You can show the fields by checkboxes, colors, radio buttons, labels, upload, select, and text areas.
  • Assign prices in fixed or percentage format.
  • Customers can only see fields related to their products.
  • You can also duplicate your add-ons, groups, and options.
  • Customers can preview the product or variation they selected.
  • Translation ready.
  • Available for free.
  • Also has a Premium version available that has advanced features such as multiple pricing format, setting attributes and their description, support with various WooCommerce themes, and plugins.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $99.99Year
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