10 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Create Product Bundles

Last updated on October 7, 2021

Another way to promote and market your products is by using WooCommerce Product Bundles plugins. Businesses are always trying to come up with new ways to market their brand and reach new potential customers, the only way to do that is to offer your customers something exciting, beneficial, and unique. 

Product bundles for WooCommerce help in cross-selling products and thus you can introduce your customers to new products or offer them at a discounted price. It also helps in increasing sales and thus is advantageous for your business. 

WooCommerce is equipped with many product bundles plugins that can help you enable this feature on your website. Let’s get started. 

How Product Bundles Help in Increasing Sales

Increase sales

If strategized properly, product bundles can help you increase sales greatly. With the help of product bundles, you can combine products that are related to each other and offer them at a discounted price, this is beneficial for both the customer and the business. You can also link multiple products based on different attributes, such as size, color, style, etc. to increase sales and improve customer engagement. This is also a great way to introduce new products on your website. 

Product bundles also entice your customers to purchase in bulk, resulting in increased sales and revenue. You can step up conditional logic so that the customer has to buy a minimum quantity or type of product to avail of the discount.  You can also add discounts on specific shipping and payment options.

Other options include selling each part of a finalized product in a bundle, but keep in mind that the products ordered in a bundle are listed separately in inventory and thus if not in stock, could result in complications.  

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Best WooCommerce Product Bundle Plugins

Listed below are some of the best WooCommerce product bundle plugins available, so let’s get started!

  1. Product Bundles
  2. Yith WooCommerce Product Bundles
  3. WooCommerce Assorted Products
  4. Mix And Match Products
  5. WooCommerce Chained Products
  6. WPC
  7. Frequently Bought Together by Premmerce
  8. WISDM Product Bundles
  9. WooCommerce Smart Product Bundles
  10. Custom Product Boxes by CodeIncept

1. Product Bundles

WooCommerce Product Bundles

Product Bundles is a powerful and flexible bundle tool that helps you in the grouping, pricing, inventory management, and shipping. The plugin is designed to take care of any need required in creating product bundles, packages, and discounts. With the Product Bundles plugin, you can also create bulk discounts by grouping the most frequently bought together items.

With this plugin, you can also offer your customers to create personalized boxes for themselves by limiting the number of products allowed to be added into the box. Similarly, you can also create personalized subscription boxes. This plugin consists of many other features and is considered the best WooCommerce product bundle plugins. 

Key Features

  • Multiple layout options are available.
  • Create product bundles and offer them at a discounted price.
  • Create personalized subscription boxes or let customers customize their boxes. 
  • You can also create assembled products and manage inventory as well.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell products easily with the Product Recommendations plugin.
  • Create digital or downloadable bundles.

To download, click here

2. Yith WooCommerce Product Bundles

woocommerce bundles

Yith WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin offers you the perfect marketing strategy to increase sales. It enables you to add unlimited products in a bundle and show/hide product price and description. You can also show the variation of each product available and let customers decide. You can also set the minimum and maximum limit required to add the bundle into the cart. 

Customers can also choose the products they want to add to their bundles. Moreover, you can show the actual price of each product or the sum of the bundle. Yith WooCommerce Product bundle enables you to choose a shipping method as well. Overall, it is a feature-filled plugin and is among the best.

Key Features

  • Add unlimited products to the bundle.
  • Offer a discount on the bundles.
  • Customize the way you show the bundle in the invoice.
  • Show the cost of each product separately or the sum of the bundle.
  • In the case of assembled products, out-of-stock products can be added, tagged, or hidden.
  • Customers can choose the products they want to add to the bundle. 

To download, click here

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3. WooCommerce Assorted Products

assorted products

Assorted Products is one of the best WooCommerce Product Bundles and is versatile. It enables the customer to create their product bundles from available items in the shop. You can also create unlimited bundles of products or categories. 

You can also set the minimum and maximum quantity of products that can be added to a bundle. Customers can easily search for product bundles in the text field search option. This plugin is also very easy to configure and use. 

Key Features 

  • Offers 3 types of pricing.
  • Customers can create bundles according to their preferences.
  • Create bundles of products or categories.
  • Set the minimum and a maximum number of products allowed in bundles.
  • You can customize the layout and display of products.
  • Set products per page and columns.
  • Customers can change the text and add a message on the product bundles.
  • Easy to install and set up. 

To download, click here

4. Mix And Match Products

woocommerce bundles

With Mix and Match Products plugin, you can easily entice your customers to go for bulk orders. This plugin mainly focuses on bulk orders and has all features related to it. This plugin helps you create an assortment of items that are related to each other and sell them in a bundle. You can also set the limit of products that can be added to the bundle along with the related products that the customer will choose from. 

Moreover, customers have complete control over the product type and quantity. Customers can also customize it by choosing preferable attributes of the products. It is one of the best WooCommerce product bundles plugins. 

Key Features 

  • Assembled products can be shipped separately or together as a bundle.
  • This plugin also takes care of inventory and each assorted bundle is stock-managed.
  • Premade templates available for displaying assorted bundles.
  • These templates are also customizable.
  • You can show the price of each product separately or the total sum of the bundle.

To download, click here.  

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5. WooCommerce Chained Products

chained products

This is another WooCommmerce product bundle plugin and enables you to pre-design assorted bundles or chained products which will be automatically added when a customer selects the main product. It plays on human’s fundamental behavior of getting more products at a discounted price and thus customers end up buying more than they want. 

This plugin is very easy to use. All you have to do is select a product and then go to “Linked Products”. In this tab, you can add all the products chained to the main item. Once the customer selects the main product, all chained items will be automatically added to the cart and prices will be shown individually or together. You can also add variation and quantities. 

Key Features

  • Easy configuration.
  • Create chained products that are linked to the main product.
  • Pre-configured product bundles so customers don’t have to choose.
  • Takes care of product inventory for each product.
  • A high-performance plugin that doesn’t compromise on speed.

To download, click here

6. WPC


The WPC WooCommerce product bundle is an amazing tool for any business website. It allows you to set up products for sales and improve cross-selling activity on your website. It is a powerful platform and allows you to rearrange product bundles by drag and drop options. WPC also allows you to customize the size, product, and quantity of the product bundle. You can set up prices in the percentage or fixed-price format. 

You can also configure the placement, size, position, color, price, image, and much more of the product bundle. It is compatible with WooCommerce plugins, such as Appmaker and Fish and Ships for WooCommerce.

Key Features

  • You can create downloadable or virtual product bundles.
  • 2 pricing methods: percentage or fixed rate.
  • Set the minimum and maximum quantity for product bundles.
  • Each product in product bundles is managed as a standalone product.
  • WPML translation ready.
  • You can set auto-calculation of sale and regular prices.

To download, click here

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7. Frequently Bought Together by Premmerce

Frequently bought together

This product bundle plugin for WooCommerce is the ultimate tool for grouping frequently bought items and simplifying the customer’s buying journey. With this plugin, you can easily upsell items and increase your store’s revenue. 

The product bundles and discounted items are very easy to set up. Once you have listed the products, the product bundles are displayed on the product page in a carousel. You can also offer the upsell items at a discounted price to entice customers to add them to the cart. You can also customize the display of product bundles, such as title, color, style, position, etc. 

Key Features 

  • You can set discounts or product bundles on single or variable products.
  • Create customized product bundle display by changing color, style, position, etc.
  • You can set a percentage or flat rate discount for each product or on the whole bundle.
  • Set the number of products in a bundle.
  • Easily manage all bundles from a single page.

To download, click here

8. WISDM Product Bundles

woocommerce bundles

This product bundle for WooCommerce enables you to create multiple product bundles or mix and match products however you see fit. You can offer your customers the option of customizing the product bundle and also add a personalized message. This plugin is jam-packed with amazing features that make creating product bundles a breeze.

This plugin offers multiple layout options where you can change the style, color, and add simple and variable products. You can also create subscription bundles and generate increased revenue in no time. 

Key Features

  • Create unlimited product bundles for simple and variable products.
  • Allows customers to customize the number of products along with a personalized message.
  • Charge bundles on fix or variable prices.
  • Create prefilled product bundles and kits.
  • Set a minimum price for a product bundle.
  • Supports dynamic pricing and tiered pricing. 
  • You can also link related products to upsell and increase revenue. 
  • Manages inventory, sets products by date, offers shopping deals, and much more. 

To download, click here.

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9. WooCommerce Smart Product Bundles

Smart product bundles

The WooCommerce Smart Product Bundles plugin enables you to create multiple product bundles with different pricing options such as Fixed Pricing, Per product pricing, or whole bundle price. With the Smart Bundle plugin, you just need to select products and group them. You can also add discounted and promotional pricing easily. 

Key Features

  • You can customize the product layout page either in the grid, Full-width grid, and table format. 
  • 3 pricing types: Fixed, Per Product, and Total bundle pricing. 
  • Set a minimum limit of products to create a bundle.
  • The prices of products added by the customers are automatically calculated in the total price.

To download, click here

10. Custom Product Boxes by CodeIncept

custom product boxes

The Custom Product Boxes is another WooCommerce bundle plugin that enables business owners to let customers create their boxes by choosing from a variety of products and categories set by you. You can also set the minimum and maximum limit of products required to create a bundle. 

It also offers different box layout, different pricing types, and customized messages to add to custom boxes. 

Key Features

  • Three pricing types: Fixed price, per product price, or both together for a bundle. 
  • Customers can create product bundles from the available products and categories.
  • 3 box layouts: Vertical left layout, Vertical right layout, and Horizontal box layout. 
  • You can set the minimum and maximum product quantity for the bundle. 

To download, click here


Product bundles are a great way to promote your brand and increase sales. It is an effective marketing technique as it allows your customers to customize their bundles and personalize them however they want. It also helps in encouraging bulk purchases and increasing revenue. Thus, by using the best WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin, you can easily enable this feature on your site and benefit from the improved customer experience. 

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