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Last updated on March 5, 2021

By setting product sorting for WooCommerce options, you can display the products in the right order on your online store. It helps you showcase the featured or on-sale products on your site easily. It also helps your customer to navigate your site and find the products they are looking for.

Product sorting for WooCommerce works in two ways: Default or Custom setting. You can enable the custom settings to sort the products according to your preference. This also helps in sorting other homepage options such as product filter, menu, and search bar. 

We have created this complete guide on WooCommerce product sorting and will also help you in customizing it according to your preferences.

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Built-in Product Sorting Options for WooCommerce

WooCommerce product sorting is different from filtering. Here you can assign the arrangement in which your products will be shown on the homepage or product page. WooCommerce consists of 6 different default options for sorting products, these are:

  • Default Sorting (custom + name)
  • Popularity (sales)
  • Sort by Price (ascending)
  • Sort by Price (descending)
  • Average rating
  • Most recent

Customers can also change the product sorting by choosing an option from the dropdown menu that is found on most WooCommerce websites. The only downside of using the default product sorting options for WooCommerce is that their options are limited, for example, you cannot show products that are on-sale or featured at the top. You also have no control over which product will be shown first or what sorting order will be carried out. This creates a poor visual site for your customers and is also difficult to navigate.

Custom Product Sorting for WooCommerce

If the default options of WooCommerce product sorting are not suitable for your preference, then you can easily customize the sorting order by the two methods mentioned below.

1. By Drag and Drop

Choose the default sorting (custom + name) option, this will arrange all your products alphabetically. Then go to WooCommerce > Products > and click on the Sorting option. Then you can drag and drop the products manually to sort them however you want to display them on the product page. 

This also changes the menu order of each product and thus if you want to go back to the alphabetical sort order, you would have to manually reset each product. 

2. By Menu Order

Another way you can customize the product sorting for WooCommerce is by manually changing the menu order of each product. You can do this by going to Product Data > Advanced. The default menu order starts from 0, thus any product that has a menu order 0, will be placed first and then 1, 2, 3, and so on. 

You can also assign multiple products to the same menu order. For example, if multiple products have menu order 3, those products will be displayed together in alphabetical order after the product with menu order 2.

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Best WooCommerce Product Sorting Plugins

Manually sorting products on WooCommerce is tricky and thus we have shortlisted some of the best WooCommerce product sorting plugins that can help you beautifully arrange your products easily.

  1. WooCommerce Product Table Plugin
  2. WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options
  3. Product Sort and Display for WooCommerce
  4. Rearrange Woocommerce Products
  5. More Sorting Options for WooCommerce

1. WooCommerce Product Table Plugin

WooCommerce Product Table Plugin

The WooCommerce Product Table Plugin is the ultimate product sorting plugin available. It is easy to use and setup. It enables you to add multiple product tables on any page of your website and provide a one-page ordering solution to your customers. This plugin also supports multiple columns such as SKU, ID, product description, price, weight, link to the product page, etc. Moreover, you can also add more columns based on categories, attributes, etc. 

The WooCommerce Product Table enables you to choose the products you want, you can also include or exclude certain products or entire categories easily.

Key Features

  • Create multiple product tables anywhere on-site.
  • Multiple column options available and you can also add new ones.
  • Include /exclude products and categories.
  • Multiple sorting options available and customers can also organize the columns according to their preference. 
  • Mobile responsive plugin. 
  • Advanced search filter for keyword searches, filtering columns, etc.
  • Supports Product Add-Ons, Quick View, Dynamic Pricing, and much more.

To download, click here.

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2. WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options

Extra Product Sorting Options for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options plugin enables you to add more options in addition to the default ones provided by WooCommerce. The 5 new sorting options include on-sale, review count, alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order, and availability product sorting.

The on-sale and review count sorting orders are highly beneficial for any eCommerce store owner because customers instantly look for reviews before they make a purchase. Also, displaying on-going sale items can help increase sales. 

Key Features

  • Adds extra product sorting options for WooCommerce.
  • You can also rename the default WooCommerce sorting options.
  • Use the WooCommerce Remove Product Sorting plugin to remove default sorting options. 

To download, click here.

3. Product Sort and Display for WooCommerce

Sort and Display

This product sorting plugin for WooCommerce enables eCommerce store owners to organize their products in an orderly manner. With this plugin, you can easily sort your products into categories and even set the order of the categories by the drag and drop option on the shop page. It also provides a visual separator that you can easily style according to your preference. This separator is used between each product category. 

With Product Sort and Display, you can also showcase all your “on-sale” or “featured” products for each category at the top of the page. 

Key Features

  • You can set the number of products to show in each category.
  • You can also set the order of the categories shown on the shop page by drag and drop.
  • Provide links to all products on their pages. 
  • It enables an automatic endless scrolling feature.
  • Enables “Intelligent Browsing” and thus customers can see the total products and the number of products per page. 
  • Shows “on-sale and featured” products on top of the page for each category. 

To download, click here.

4. Rearrange Woocommerce Products


When a customer enters your website, they see disorganized products which are sorted by the published date. To improve customer experience and make your website easy to navigate, use the Rearrange WooCommerce Products plugin. This is another product sorting plugin for WooCommerce and helps to rearrange the default sorting order

Key Features

  • Rearrange the default sorting order of WooCommerce.
  • Enables drag and drop option for rearranging products.
  • You can group products by categories and tags. 
  • The products cannot be rearranged if the plugin is deactivated or deleted.
  • The plugin might have performance issues when working with any page builder plugin.

To download, click here.

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5. More Sorting Options for WooCommerce

More Options

With this WooCommerce product sorting plugin, you can add multiple new sorting options to your website. Moreover, you can also remove or rename the default sorting options of WooCommerce. It also enables you to rearrange the order of the sorting options.

Key Features

  • Adds new sorting options such as sort by name, SKU, comments, alphabetically, reverse alphabetically, random sorting, date, last modified, author, product ID, and sales. 
  • Adds sorting by custom meta field.
  • You can also rearrange and remove default sorting.

To download, click here.

Final Words

WooCommerce is among the best eCommerce platforms available as it provides you with unlimited plugins and extensions to create a beautiful store. Another out-of-the-box feature provided by WooCommerce is its product sorting options. They help you to arrange your products in a chosen order, but the options are limited. Thus, you can use any of the above-mentioned product sorting plugins and add new sorting options or just create your custom sorting options by the methods described above.

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