5 Alternative Uses of WooCommerce

Last updated on October 15, 2020

According to BuiltWith, 3.41% of the top 1 million websites use the WooCommerce Checkout – which is a big chunk compared to the closest Shopify and Magneto standing at 2.34% and 1.21% respectively. Despite being the most popular option for eCommerce sites, the use of WooCommerce is not limited to shopping cart only. There are tons of other ways in which, this WordPress plugin can be used. Here are the top 5 alternative uses of WooCommerce that might help you with your website and business management experience.

1. For Booking and Scheduling

WooCommerce allows all types of bookings such as hotels, bus/train/movie tickets, restaurants in minutes, hours, days, and months. By using the WooCommerce plugin, you can offer your users or customers’ time slots and possible bookings. You can also set different prices depending on your business plan. For example, if you want to set $100 for Sunday and $75 for the rest of the days, you can do it easily by using WooCommerce booking.

It also allows for calendar bookings and shows availability. WooCommerce plugin directly adds your Google calendar with it and offers two-way sync. As a result, it eliminates the risk of double booking. Customers’ can also be benefitted from this. They can reschedule if they want and most importantly, you don’t have to do anything in rescheduling. Also, customers can check if the date is already booked or not. 

For example, if you have an online business, you can show your availability to the customers by using WooCommerce booking. It shows your availability in the customers’ time zone. It allows both customers and you to set an appointment when you are available. As a result, you don’t get any surprised dates. Also, this plugin can be used for virtual classes and rentals. 

It also allows you to remind the clients about their scheduled appointment. You can do it by sending an email to the customer when the customer makes his/her reservation. 

The advantage of using WooCommerce booking is that customers can book rentals, appointments, and reservations by themselves. They don’t need to make phone calls anymore. Also, you can save your time as the WooCommerce booking do all the bookings for you.

2. For Membership Plan

If you have an online service or business that you want to run as a membership site, you can use the WooCommerce Memberships. When you have a membership site, you can charge your users for your service monthly or annually. For example, Blogs, Videos, Short Clips, and so on. 

WooCommerce membership is also easy to use, which brings your website contents and membership together. It offers you to create a whole membership system for your service. 

By using the WooCommerce membership, you can block your content to non-members. Also, you can set a limit to the members for how long they can see or use your service. Besides, you can set requirements for specific posts. For example, you can require that users need to be a member for a certain amount of time before the users can have access to your content or service. 

Again, you can create a members-only service. You can allow product viewing only to members. As a result, your product will only be available to the members, and non-members will not be able to view the product or service. It also has PayPal, Stripe, and other online payment services.

3. For Fulfillment by Amazon Business or FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA allows you to use Amazon’s advanced order fulfillment network to reach your customers easily. As a result, you can boost your overall profit. When you use Amazon’s FBA, you will be doing marketing, order- receiving, and selling. But when it comes to delivering the products to the customers, Amazon will do it by itself. Amazon will do all the shipping and tracking. This gives you more scope of doing marketing and market research. 

By using the WooCommerce plugin in your FBA business, you can automatically deliver the order from your website. Both the customers and you will receive an email when products are ordered and delivered to the destination. Also, your inventory will be automatically synced between your store item list and Amazon. Customers can track their orders as well.

4. Amazon Affiliate Business

When you do Amazon affiliate business, you get up to 8% per product according to the category. The WooCommerce has the features to help you here. The WooCommerce will do all the hard work for you by adding the Amazon products to your website. 

The WooCommerce has the WooZone Amazon Affiliates Plugin. By using this plugin, you can easily add Amazon products to your website and blogs simply and easily. This plugin is beneficial for Amazon affiliates like you. The WooZone Amazon Affiliates Plugin automatically adds the description of the product, price, and the number of products available to the website or blog. The only work you need to do is to search for products that are relevant to your site niche, and the products with description will automatically appear on your website. 

You can show the delivery time of the product and inventory of products in different countries. Also, you can show different currencies according to the user’s country. 

5. Subscription Model Business

Many of the online business uses the subscription concept in their business. The main reason for using this concept is to assume how much money a business is going to earn a certain amount of time. 

The WooCommerce Subscription offers billing management, creating a trial period for the customers, and allows the customer to manage their subscription.

The WooCommerce Subscription also offers-

  • Multiple billing schedules
  • Manual payment renewal 
  • Automated rebilling option
  • Gives the user to downgrade or upgrade their subscription without contacting the service provider or you

The WooCommerce Subscription has a detailed report option that will allow knowing the exact number of users, monthly or yearly revenue, and so on. So, if your online business uses the subscription method, you can choose the WooCommerce subscription plugin to your website to increase the revenue of your business. 

WooCommerce has several useful features or services that allow you to manage everything from shopping carts to Amazon affiliate businesses. So, don’t just think WooCommerce as your one-stop shopping cart platform. WooCommerce is much more than that. 

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