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Last updated on March 5, 2021

There are a few basic features you require to convert your WordPress site into an online business, this includes hosting, SSL certificate, shipping, and payment gateway. Square for WooCommerce is one of the best POS and payment gateway available.

Square consists of many accessible features that help you reach out to more customers online, receive payments faster, accept major credit and debit cards. It accepts every type of payment and thus it is a great help in running your business smoothly.  

This Square for WooCommerce review will make you see the amazing features it offers and why it is the perfect option for your business. 

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Setting Up

setting up

Getting started with Square payments is very easy. All you have to do is download the Square extension, which is available for free, from the WooCommerce dashboard, then go to plugins, new, and upload the zip file. Click on Install now and activate the plugin. 

Once it’s installed, you need to connect your Square account with WooCommerce, and that’s it. Now you can start syncing your data such as inventory, customer information, location, orders, etc from WooCommerce to Square for easy management and control. 

To use Square with WooCommerce, you need a Square account, an SSL certificate, WooCommerce version 3.0+, and WordPress 4.6+.  

Manage In-Person And Online Payments

square for woocommerce

Square for WooCommerce is a user-friendly plugin. By using Square, you can manage both online and in-person payments easily. For in-store payment, it provides a fully functional POS system along with hardware available that can accept credit card payments through mobile or computer. It also accepts payment in offline mode, so you never miss a sale with Square. You can also send receipts to your customers on their emails immediately. It also enables a tip screen option in the checkout, where customers can easily pick an option suitable for them. 

In the case of online payments, customers can also use their Apple Pay or Google Pay account to complete the checkout process. It also enables customers to save their credit card information for future purchases. Square is compatible with many other eCommerce platforms besides WooCommerce, such as BigCommerce, Magento, Wix, etc. 

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Inventory Management 


Square for WooCommerce is a powerful POS system and is suitable for all types of businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, etc. With Square, you can easily manage inventory and data by syncing it with WooCommerce. It does the hard work for you and you don’t have to update both platforms. For instance, inventory management in one platform will automatically be updated on the other platform. This is the same for orders, products, receipts, customer data. 

It also provides real-time analysis reports for orders, inventory, best-selling items, total sales, customer insights, and much more. 


cost of square for woocommerce

Square plugin for WooCommerce is free to download and use. It has no installation or monthly charges. Square also reassures that it has no hidden fees. 

But when it comes to online or in-person payment, there are some charges applicable. For in-person card payments, Square charges  2.6% + 10¢ per swipe. Whereas, for card-not-present payments, Square charges a little extra which is transferred to the issuing bank to reduce fraud. When card information is manually keyed in, it charges  3.5% + 15¢ and for payment through Square Online Store, Square Online Checkout, eCommerce API, or invoice online, it charges 2.9% + 30¢.

It also provides custom build pricing plans for businesses with higher revenue. 

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Security And Fraud Protection

square plugin for WooCommerce security

Square payment is a safe and secure platform and takes every necessary precaution to take care of your business and protect customers’ data.  

Fraud Prevention 

Fraud payments are not a surprise in online stores. Thus, Square has a team of experts available to monitor your site and notify in case of any suspicious or fraudulent transactions. It also uses a machine-learning algorithm to monitor and adjust trends in fraud. 

Its team is available 24/7 to prevent suspicious activity. It also provides 2-Factor authentication, account notifications, and login permissions.

Payment Dispute 

Square for WooCommerce also has a Dispute dashboard where you can send all documentation regarding disputes and leave it to them. It does all the hard work of handling payment disputes with your customers’ bank. It also has experts available that help you through the process of handling it. 

Security Features 

Square has designed its hardware and software to be strong enough to fight off hackers and malicious intents. It provides security in the form of PCI compliance, which protects your customers’ credit card information. It also encrypts the transactions through Square hardware. Moreover, all security measures are upgraded constantly without any additional charges. 

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Latest Updates

latest updates

Square is always designing new features to add more accessibility and functionality to your checkout process. Let’s see what’s new.

Customer Information

With Square, customers can save their payment information such as credit card details and label them for future purchases. 

Square Online Checkout

Don’t have a website? Don’t worry! Square Online Checkout enables you to collect payments with shareable links. These links open to a simple checkout page where you can enter your credit/debit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay information and enjoy a hassle-free checkout process. 

eGift Cards

Square plugin for WooCommerce has also introduced eGift cards. Customers can also buy these in-person or online and send them to their friends and family. As a result, this helps in bringing new customers and marketing your platform. Customers can custom create gift cards and you can track them easily from the Square dashboard.

Statistical Reports

Square also provides detailed reports on various trends of your business to better analyze it. These reports include sales summary, sale items, sale trends, payment methods, discounts, taxes, transactions, gift cards, and much more. You can find all the other report categories here.

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Square for WooCommerce is an efficient payment gateway and enables the flow of cash in both physical and online stores. It has many powerful features to streamline the checkout process. Square allows you to manage inventory, data, customers, and much more by syncing with WooCommerce and controlling everything on a single dashboard. It is great for all types of businesses and charges affordably. 

Its detailed reports help you analyze and improve your business and is a great choice for beginners

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