Why is CRM Important? Top 10 WooCommerce CRM Plugins

Last updated on April 7, 2021

WooCommerce CRM plugins are one of the most popular plugin families available on the WordPress platform. But, why is that the case?

If you want to retain customers in your business and maintain a healthy relationship with them, you need to have a good CRM or customer relationship management suite in place. This is especially important in an online business, where your goal should be to gain new customers and keep them around for the long haul. Therefore, if you want to prioritize customer satisfaction, and treat them like the most vital part of your business, you’ll need to have a good WooCommerce CRM plugin in place.

Luckily, WooCommerce comes with an array of CRM plugins which you can use to manage your customer relationships. Therefore, today, we’ll look at what a good CRM tool should have, and subsequently, compare and contrast the most popular CRM tools out there to help you find the best CRM for WooCommerce for your store.

We’ve looked at what a CRM is, but let’s dive a little deeper into it and get a better understanding of it before finding the best CRM for WooCommerce.

What is CRM – Let’s Discuss in Detail

CRM is a tool that allows you to get the most value out of your customer interactions. Therefore, if you have a good CRM for WooCommerce under your belt, you can ensure your customers get the service they deserve while ensuring that you are not wasting time fiddling with all the unimportant things.

There are different types of CRM tools, fit for different purposes. These include –

1. Functional

The best CRM tools for WooCommerce are designed for the specific purpose of automating all mundane tasks such as sending out marketing emails and promotions.

2. Insightful

These CRM tools cater to those who need to anticipate customer interaction or understand customer value in their business. Moreover, through an analytical CRM tool, you can get insights from customer data to drive business decisions.

3. Collaboration

Collaborative CRMs allow multiple business entities to pool data and generate insights to improve all businesses at once. This is a great tool to have if you want to bring in a new product, but don’t have the data to make concrete decisions.

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Reasons Why You Must Have WooCommerce CRM

Why you must have WooCommerce CRM

CRMs are important if you want to grow and scale your business. A good WooCommerce CRM suite is the key to growth – especially for smaller businesses. The metrics you get from your CRM tool can also determine which action items have resulted in a positive experience for the customer, and ultimately, a purchase.

In addition to growth and sales, a good CRM for WooCommerce brings in a lot of positive side-effects into your business. Therefore, here are the reasons you must have a WooCommerce CRM –

1. Business Insights and Learning

Through CRM, you can learn customer habits and anticipate trends.

2. Organization and Planning

Once you start anticipating customer needs, you can plan accordingly to meet customer demands. More importantly, a WooCommerce CRM allows you to automate a lot of tasks involved in customer relationship management, thereby allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your business.

3. Efficiency and Optimization

Through an automated CRM, you can make customer interaction much smoother and significantly optimize it through all the benefits offered by the best WooCommerce CRM.

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Best WooCommerce CRM Plugins for Your Store

Now that you know why you need a CRM for your online store, it’s time to delve into all the options you have. Here are our picks for the best WooCommerce CRM Plugins –

  1. Metrilo
  2. WP-CRM System
  3. Zero BS CRM
  4. ReadyCloud CRM
  5. HubSpot
  6. Agile CRM
  7. WP ERP
  8. FluentCRM
  9. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager
  10. WooCommerce Sales Autopilot

1. Metrilo

Metrilo WooCommerce CRM Plugin

Metrilo is designed for analytics and insights. With the Metrilo core WooCommerce CRM plugin, you get information about the ads, links, and referrals that generate traffic and sales on your site. Therefore, if you need an analytics CRM plugin that can help you write smarter emails and make intelligent business decisions, Metrilo is what you need. Here are all of Metrilo’s Benefits:

  • Feature-rich CRM designed for analytics and insights
  • View real-time performance metrics for products and orders
  • Create intelligent email campaigns based on real data
  • Generate customer interaction reports

Overall, if metrics and analytics is your concern and you’re willing to pay the fees, Metrilo is your go-to WooCommerce CRM solution.

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2. WP-CRM System

CRM System

WP-CRM System offers the basic features of CRMs for free. Moreover, you can sign up for their cheap, yearly subscription plan for additional features. Additionally, WP-CRM System is geared towards the management activities involved in maintaining healthy customer relationships. Through WP-CRM System, you can –

  • Manage and automate marketing emails
  • Send receipts and receive payments
  • Create unique customer portals and allow them to manage their payments and track progress

WR-CRM has been designed to make the lives of your salespersons easier. Therefore, if you want to optimize the planning and management of your sales force, you should consider adding a WP-CRM System to your store. Additionally, project-based businesses will see a good boost in productivity with WR-CRM under the helm.

3. Zero BS CRM

Zero BS

Just as the name implies, Zero BS CRM is to the point when it comes to the services it provides. ZERO BS CRM allows you to –

  • Manage and chase leads
  • Manage and monitor customer contacts
  • Monitor, optimize, and coordinate your business pipeline
  • Incorporate survey forms to generate new leads
  • Integrate with payment processors such as WooCommerce, Stripe, and Paypal to generate invoices and handle payments

With all these advantages offered at a low price, you can rely on Zero BS CRM to handle all your base needs when it comes to customer relationship management, lead management, and payment management. After all, these features should be present in the best CRM for WooCommerce.

4. ReadyCloud CRM


ReadyCloud CRM is a supply chain management system that helps you manage product shipments, payments, returns, sales, and most importantly, customer interaction and relationships. Therefore, ReadyCloud offers a single clean interface to manage everything around your business and customers.

Additionally, ReadyCloud CRM enables you to connect sales channels effectively to increase sales and improve cash flow for almost any eCommerce venture. Finally, with the Growth Marketing add-on, you can empower your sales team with greater outreach and coverage.

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5. HubSpot

HubSpot CRM Plugin for WooCommerce

HubSpot is the go-to choice for small businesses given its low price. Nevertheless, at this cost, HubSpot has a lot to offer and can add some serious value to your business –

  • Comes with all the basic features of a CRM
  • Track company activities, projects, and sales
  • Track and assign new deals
  • View real-time data on an intuitive dashboard

Once you incorporate HubSpot into your store, you’ll quickly see an increase in inbound sales from better customer relationship management and optimized internal management.

6. Agile CRM


Although the free version is quite limited, Agile CRM is well-worth your money if you consider the premium features you can unlock. These include –

  • Custom appointments and planning with customers
  • Seamlessly send targeted emails through a drag-and-drop interface
  • Easily generate and share reports
  • Increase capabilities through a large library of plugins and integration with other services  through a robust API

Altogether, if you want a well-rounded WooCommerce CRM solution, Agile CRM offers everything you need.



WP ERP is an enterprise resource planning tool that comes with additional CRM features – therefore, you’re essentially looking at a two-in-one.

Therefore, if you need a tool to manage and optimize business internals, WP ERP provides employee management, leave and attendance management, and reporting. As for WP ERP’s CRM offerings, you have –

  • Deal Management
  • Full sync with HubSpot
  • Workflow management
  • Email campaign management
  • Lead, deal and marketing management

Therefore, with EP ERP, you can manage your business and customer relations with a single tool. If you want to reduce the number of plugins you add to your store, WP ERP is a packaged solution just for you.

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8. FluentCRM


FluentCRM is advertised as a complete email marketing tool as well as a CRM solution. It’s simple and fast, thereby making it the best CRM for WooCommerce you can incorporate into your business to build a profile, build client email lists, and subsequently send out email campaigns. Furthermore, it’s completely free.

Other features of FluentCRM include –

  • Gives you the ability to store all business and customer information in a single place
  • Import customer contacts from a CSV file or WordPress and view them centrally
  • Get data points against specific contacts and get insights accordingly

9. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager is WooCommerce’s offering in terms of a CRM solution. Its feature set includes –

  • It’s a premium plugin that is fully featured
  • Automate marketing emails for customers
  • Maintain customer profiles and customer groups to generate insights. This also allows you to segregate marketing emails.

Through the WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager, you can get all the insights you need to manage and understand customer data and subsequently target marketing.

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10. WooCommerce Sales Autopilot

Sales Autopilot

WooCommerce Sales Autopilot is yet another plugin from WooCommerce to empower your marketing team and invites sales automation. The biggest advantages of Sales Autopilot are also the fact that it will work out of the box and you will have full support from the developers. Other advantages of WooCommerce Sales Autopilot –

  • Unlike other CRMs, WooCommerce Sales Autopilot comes with SMS marketing and affiliate tracking
  • Competitive prices for both small and large businesses
  • Provides an alternative payment method along with the common payment processors billing software

Final Words

CRMs are excellent tools that can help you grow your company organically through customer interaction and data analytics. With the right WooCommerce CRM plugin, empower your business to strive and start reaping benefits almost immediately.

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