Use the help of WooCommerce reporting plugins, to stay on top of analytics that are important to run a successful WooCommerce store.

Metrilo is one of the best analytics plugins for WooCommerce as it helps you analyze different metrics on your site and grow in your niche. In a nutshell, Metrilo provides analytics, eCommerce CRM, customer retention, and an extensive email marketing system. Everything is ready to use and requires no setup. It also analyzes your store in real-time, provides marketing channel reports, product performance, and much more.

Features List:

  • Provides individual customer behavioral reports.
  • Segments customers and send targeted emails.
  • Can implement various email campaigns, such as cart recovery.
  • Track customer retention and view trends.
  • You can directly engage with customers from the platform.
  • The Smart Assitant analyzes data and suggests a possible course of action.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $119Month
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