WooCommerce vs 3DCart – What’s more reliable?

Last updated on January 6, 2021

An eCommerce platform is the most crucial choice a business owner has to make to open an online store. eCommerce platforms provide your store with an attractive storefront, a payment gateway, a feature-filled shopping cart system, and multiple plugins and extensions that can carry out multiple functions and marketing campaigns on your online store. There are many eCommerce platforms available and thus it is difficult to make a choice. But we are going to make this so much easier for you by comparing the 2 eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce vs 3DCart.

A good eCommerce platform will help you manage your online store easily and with no hassle, so let’s see which one of them is the winner in our comparison. 

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Pros And Cons – WooCommerce vs 3DCart



WooCommere is an open-source eCommerce platform for WordPress sites that is available for free download. It consists of multiple out-of-the-box features that enable you to set up an online store with a fully supported shopping cart system easily. It is a completely customizable and flexible platform that enables its users to create a website according to their brand’s style and needs.


  • Available for free download.
  • Compatible with 3rd party plugins and extensions and also has its own extensive library. 
  • Completely customizable platform.
  • Cheaper than other platforms.
  • Flexible and scalable.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • Hosting, security, domain name, need to be bought separately.
  • No live chat or call support (unless the hosting service provides it).



3DCart claims itself to be the best eCommerce platform for SEO. It enables you to build your website, increase sales and traffic, and improve conversion rates with its many features. It is beginner-friendly as it is a fully hosted eCommerce platform. 3DCart is a flexible and scalable platform but its growth is restricted by its pricing plans which will be upgraded if your business size increases.  


  • Consists of multiple marketing features like wishlists, abandoned carts, etc.
  • Compatible with multiple forms of payments and transactions.
  • Fully hosted eCommerce platform.
  • Pricing plans available for all sizes of businesses.
  • 24/7 customer support available.


  • Difficult to understand and work with.
  • Sometimes seems confusing with so many options.
  • Has some hidden costs. 

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WooCommerce vs 3DCart: Let’s Compare The Fundamentals

WooCommerce and 3DCart are both amazing eCommerce platforms, thus we have decided to compare them on some aspects to make it easier for you to decide between them. 

1. Ease of Use

woocommerce or 3dcart : ease of use

WooCommerce or 3DCart? Which is better in terms of usability. Ease of use directly affects the user and the customers both. It helps in creating a positive shopping experience for your customers and thus is an important aspect when looking for an eCommerce platform. 

WooCommerce although has a steep learning curve and requires coding knowledge, it is still easy to use and set up. The WooCommerce setup wizard enables you to create your online store by a step-by-step procedure of questions, setting up taxes, shipping, and payment gateways. Other than that, product management is also a breeze with WooCommerce with its easy-to-use interface. 

3DCart is also an easy to use eCommerce platform. As it is self-hosted, you don’t have to worry about any of the technical issues. Although, its user interface is quite confusing due to the many options available and thus takes time to get used to. In terms of product management, it offers multiple options and you can customize your product however you want. 

WooCommerce vs 3DCART in ease of use? WooCommerce takes the lead with its intuitive interface and easy product management.  

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2. Customer Support

woocommerce or 3dcart : customer support

A positive user experience is created when you help a customer out in their need. Let us find out which one is the best among the two, WooCommerce or 3DCart?

WooCommere does not provide live chat or call support. Its support is largely dependent on the hosting provider you select. But due to its popularity, It also has multiple community forums available where many WooCommerce experts are available that can help you out regarding troubleshooting and queries. WooCommerce also provides detailed documentation regarding plugin installation and set up. 

3DCart is a managed eCommerce platform and thus it provides excellent customer support. Its experts are available 24/7 to help their customers regarding any queries. It has live chat and calls support, along with a ticketing system. Although, it doesn’t have an impressive community forum. 

In terms of customer support, 3DCart is the winner due to its 24/7 live chat and call support.

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3. Pricing

woocommerce and 3dcart: pricing

WooCommerce is free to download and set up. It is a plugin for WordPress and thus WordPress is required for its working. Also, WooCommerce provides unlimited themes, plugins & extensions for free, which can add functionality to your online store and make your store attractive. It is also compatible with 3rd party plugins and doesn’t affect the speed and performance of your site. Although, you do have to spend money on hosting, domain, and SSL certificates.

3DCart provides multiple pricing plans based on the size of your business and orders. Its lowest “Startup” plan is for $19/mo. It consists of 1 user staff, unlimited products, and no transaction fees. Although, a lot of the advanced features like a loyalty program, integrations, and gift registry are only available in the higher plans. 

WooCommerce vs 3DCart? In pricing, WooCommerce is the winner because you can scale your store and control the budget according to your plan and a lot of its additional features are available for free. 

4. Customization

woocommerce and 3dcart: customization

When it comes to customizations, there is no platform like WooCommerce. It enables you to customize and create your website from scratch. As it is a self-hosted platform, you can either choose any of the available free themes or customize them according to your brand’s style. You can also customize multiple functionalities on your site and give your customers the best shopping experience.   

As 3DCart is a hosted platform, its customization is limited. Although it enables its users to customize themes easily. But when it comes to plugins, they offer customization services but that will cost you an extra fee. They can also create custom apps and processes for your store.

Overall, in terms of customization, WooCommerce takes the lead due to its high freedom of customization, its compatibility with multiple plugins, and its developer-friendly code. 

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5. Design

woocommerce vs 3dcart: design

WooCommerce has thousands of themes and designs available to make your storefront unique and attractive. Design plays a huge part in enticing customers to explore your site and also helps in providing a good shopping experience. With so many options, WooCommerce themes are responsive on all devices, provide easy navigation, SEO friendly, free or cost-effective, and best of all customizable. 

3DCart provides more than 60+ pre-made templates to design your website. These templates are completely customizable. Its interactive user interface makes it easy to customize the template however you like. 3DCart also provides many add-ons to increase the functionality of the website. 

WooCommerce vs 3Dcart in design? Both enable you to customize your site but WooCommerce wins because of the higher number of design options available. 

Conclusion: WooCommerce vs 3DCart – Who’s The Winner?

After comparing WooCommerce and 3DCart on different aspects of an eCommerce platform, we have concluded that WooCommece is the ultimate winner. It’s not only about it being free, although that is a huge bonus point. But it also provides its customers the degree of freedom that is unmatchable by other platforms. WooCommerce also provides its customers with unlimited options for themes, plugins, and extensions, and let’s not forget the many out-of-the-box features that come with WooCommerce. It is suitable for all sizes of businesses, especially beneficial for startups due to their low initial investment. Overall, WooCommerce deserves the popularity it gets due to its many amazing and easy features.

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