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Product Sort and Display for WooCommerce

This product sorting plugin for WooCommerce enables eCommerce store owners to organize their products in an orderly manner. With this plugin, you can easily sort your products into categories and even set the order of the categories by the drag and drop option on the shop page. It also provides a visual separator that you can easily style according to your preference. This separator is used between each product category.

With Product Sort and Display, you can also showcase all your “on-sale” or “featured” products for each category at the top of the page.

Features List:

  • You can set the number of products to show in each category.
  • You can also set the order of the categories shown on the shop page by drag and drop.
  • Provide links to all products on their pages.
  • It enables an automatic endless scrolling feature.
  • Shows “on-sale and featured” products on top of the page for each category.
  • Enables “Intelligent Browsing” and thus customers can see the total products and the number of products per page.
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