FooSales is a Point of Sale plugin, built to work natively with WooCommerce. It connects with your sales channel by the WooCommerce REST API. FooSales has an intuitive interface and can be used to add orders, customers’ information, prices, categories, and much more. It is also a safe and secure POS plugin and protects your information on your web server.

Features List:

  • POS agents can add orders, customers’ information, products, etc directly from the intuitive interface
  • You can also add coupon codes
  • Prices can be adjusted manually for separate products
  • The Order filtration system, to see which orders came from the retail store
  • Supports partial or full refunds
  • Accepts cash and card payments
  • Receipts are automatically sent to customers’ emails
  • Taxes are applied accordingly
  • Create profiles for customers
  • $149 billed annually
$ Premium Extension
Price: $15.75Month
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