Coupon Referral Program

Running an effective referral program can be challenging, but with this WooCommerce referral plugin, you can automate multiple processes. As mentioned above, customers are more likely to trust their friends and family over a paid advertisement. Thus, with this plugin, you can set multiple actions that referrers and referees complete on your site to earn rewards. This will help in increasing sales, revenue, and customer lifetime value.

Features List:

  • Referrals can earn rewards through social shares, sign-up, and referral purchases.
  • You can set the coupon type (fixed or percentage) and amount.
  • You can customize the referral button with animation and custom CSS.
  • Set an expiration date for coupons.
  • Admins and customers can benefit from “Coupon Reporting” which will list available coupons and their effectiveness.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $49Year
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