With the GamiPress plugin, you can offer different reward types to your customers for interacting with your WooCommerce store. These rewards can be points, ranks, and achievements. You can also create conditional requirements that your customers need to complete to achieve a certain rank of an award.

It is easy to install and set up and provides drag and drop control. It also supports blocks, widgets, and shortcodes through which customers can see their earned points.

Features List:

  • Point types: coins, credit, gems, etc.
  • Rank types: grade, level, etc.
  • Achievement types: quests, badges, etc.
  • Give and deduct points automatically.
  • Customers can share their achievements on social media.
  • Set a time limit to certain tasks and requirements.
  • You can unlock achievements and ranks using points.
  • Notify customers through emails about new awards.
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