If you are looking for an all-in-one marketing solution, then this is the plugin for you. With Gratisfaction, you can enable a WooCommerce referral system, loyalty program, giveaways, rewards, and much more. You can increase engagement on your site by increasing social media interaction, surveys, feedbacks, and building multiple email lists.

You can use multiple events to reward points to your customers and retain them. For example, ETSY sellers can use Gratisfaction to give rewards to their customers on their purchases. Moreover, customers can also pay using their collected points.

Features List:

  • Send rewards to customers that bring in referrals.
  • Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc by giving rewards to your customers.
  • You can also give rewards on actions like purchase, review, sign-up, etc.
  • You can run multiple types of giveaways and campaigns.
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