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WooCommerce Backup Plugin by BlogVault

Take preventive measures against hackers, viruses, dodgy updates, and much more by using WooCommerce backup plugins for quick backup and restoration

This is one of the best backup plugins for WooCommerce. It has a 100% restore rate and can easily handle bulk site updates. It is trusted by 400,000+ site owners and offers free offsite storage for availability 24/7. Moreover, it also enables you to recover files from the archive until 90 days after. You can also easily migrate to a new domain or server with this plugin and make the process 80% faster.

Features List:

  • Supports multi-site backup.
  • Supports offline website restores.
  • It also provides a free staging site where you can test updates, new plugins, etc.
  • One-click and automatic site migration features.
  • Runs a thorough Performance check on your website’s speed.
  • Provides uptime monitoring for efficient service.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $89Year
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