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WooCommerce Backup by Jetpack

Take preventive measures against hackers, viruses, dodgy updates, and much more by using WooCommerce backup plugins for quick backup and restoration

One minute of downtime can cost you more than $9,000 worth of business. Thus, by using this WooCommerce backup plugin, you can quickly get your store back online in case of any error. Both Jetpack and WooCommerce are fully compatible with each other and protect your business and customer data in multiple locations to prevent permanent loss. You can restore your site from anywhere if you have the WordPress mobile app.

Features List:

  • Supports real-time backups.
  • You can restore from any backup point.
  • An unlimited back archive is provided.
  • Beginner-friendly and provides one-click backups.
  • Automated daily scanning and one-click fixes.
  • Email alerts are sent when threats are detected.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $20Month
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