Take preventive measures against hackers, viruses, dodgy updates, and much more by using WooCommerce backup plugins for quick backup and restoration

Hackers, malware, server crashes, and the list keeps going on. These are the potential dangers your online store website faces every day, thus backup is a necessary and important option to protect your site and restore it quickly if anything happens. It is also easy to use and backups your entire website with just a click.

BackupBuddy backs up almost everything of your WooCommerce websites, such as pages, posts, widgets, themes, users, categories, tags, and much more besides the basic database.

Features List:

  • You can schedule backups to run automatically. .
  • Stores backup files in an off-site location.
  • You can also set custom backup profiles.
  • Provides your backed-up files in ZIP format for easy download.
  • Instant email notifications when a backup is finished or needs to be done
$ Premium Extension
Price: $99Year
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