WP Time Capsule

Take preventive measures against hackers, viruses, dodgy updates, and much more by using WooCommerce backup plugins for quick backup and restoration

WP Time Capsule is an advanced backup plugin for WooCommerce. It automatically backs up every change in your website so that your backup is always up-to-date. It also provides a staging site where you can test all updates and new releases to prevent poor site performance and speed. This plugin also lessens up storage load on your servers through smart incremental backups of recent changes.

Features List:

  • Manage all backups from the central dashboard.
  • An incremental backup solution to backup only recent changes.
  • Real-time backup solution.
  • Saves files in the cloud servers of your choice.
  • One-click staging is available to test updates and restores.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $199
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