WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

Fraudulent transactions are a part of every eCommerce store and thus WooCommerce anti-fraud plugins can help you detect and prevent such incidents.

This WooCommerce Anti-fraud plugin lets you easily detect frauds and enables you to take quick actions to protect your customers and reduce hassles for business owners. It has a set of advanced scoring rules which are used to determine the risk score for each order.

With this plugin, you can also detect orders which are placed using a proxy server. You can also prevent fraudulent activities and reduce chargebacks by setting a maximum buying amount, order number, or order weight.

Features List:

  • Reduce payment fraud with billing and shipping conflict indicator
  • The plugin can automatically cancel or put the order on hold if it has a high-risk score.
  • Integrates with Maxmind minFraud.
  • Add suspicious emails to blacklists.
  • Send PayPal authentication emails to ensure authenticity.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $99Year
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