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WooCommerce Fraud Prevention Plugin by Dotstore

Fraudulent transactions are a part of every eCommerce store and thus WooCommerce anti-fraud plugins can help you detect and prevent such incidents.

This WooCommerce anti-fraud plugin enables you to prevent fraudulent transactions by setting rules and blocking users based on their IP address, zip code, etc. It is also easy to use and set up and has fast and knowledgeable customer support available to help you.

The plugin is available for free and also has a premium version available. It consists of multiple features, such as blocking certain IP addresses, domains, countries, etc. to block users on the registration page. Moreover, you can also block users from certain web browsers.

Features List:

  • Set multiple parameters for detecting fraudulent purchases.
  • You can block users by their email addresses.
  • Block domains and domain extensions.
  • Block users by states and zip codes.
  • You can create a custom message for users stating the reason why their order was canceled or the user was blocked.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $99Year
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