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YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

Fraudulent transactions are a part of every eCommerce store and thus WooCommerce anti-fraud plugins can help you detect and prevent such incidents.

With this plugin, you can easily block all orders matching suspicious parameters that are set by you. The YIITH WooCommerce Anti-fraud plugin automates the entire process by cross-checking multiple variables such as IP addressemail, etc. to determine if the order is free from fraudulent intent.

Fraudulent activities are increasing day by day and as your company grows, you have a higher chance of attracting attention from scammers. This could lead to financial loss as well as affect your brand image. Thus, by using this plugin, you can immediately and automatically block such orders and save your business from loss.

Features List:

  • Manually set the value and weight of each rule, determining the risk factor and its importance.
  • Set a specific order amount and check orders that exceed that.
  • Block domains and countries that you don’t trust.
  • You can check if a recurrent customer used a different billing address than before.
  • High-risk orders are automatically canceled.
  • Email verification with PayPal.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $79Year
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