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WPSpring for WooCommerce – Anti Fraud Detection Plugin

Fraudulent transactions are a part of every eCommerce store and thus WooCommerce anti-fraud plugins can help you detect and prevent such incidents.

This WooCommerce anti-fraud plugin enables you to detect potentially fraudulent activities and transactions on your store to protect your business. This plugin is easy to use as it defines the rules for you, thus reducing the hassle of setting up. The plugin scans and assigns a risk score to each order. Although, you have to assign what action should be taken at which risk score. Such as canceledon hold, or changing the order status.

Features List:

  • Assign a score to each automated action, such as canceled, on-hold, and email notification to admin.
  • Create a whitelist of emails that will be protected from the above actions.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $25
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