Squarespace for WooCommerce – Review for Photographers

Last updated on July 2, 2021

Squarespace for WooCommerce is the preferred website creator of many creative minds around the world because of its many free templates. It has claimed a fantastic reputation over years of satisfying users and still continues to do so. While artists and musicians tend to find Squarespace the perfect background to base their dream platforms on, the question appears if the same applies to photographers. Read through to find out how good Squarespace is for photographers.

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Introduction to Squarespace

Squarespace for WooCommerce

Squarespace is a simple and hassle-free website creator that makes it super easy for anyone to create the platform they desire. Using Squarespace does not require any prior knowledge in CSS, HTML, or even JavaScript. There is also no requirement to upload files to the servers through an FTP client. Everything can be done straight from the internet browser, with no needless prerequisites in between.

Building a site in Squarespace is pretty self-explanatory. The user will have access to a large variety of Squarespace templates for WooCommerce which can be utilized to create a custom theme for the platform. The template selections are arranged according to the focus of the website being created. WooCommerce Squarespace templates for photographers are widely available, and all of them are as attractive as they can be. This is where dedicated photographers will find the website builder quite appealing, especially since there are six specific WooCommerce Squarespace templates for wedding photographers alone. These templates, when compared to those of Wix and Weebly, look much smoother and eye-catching, especially for new visitors to a website.

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Effectiveness of Squarespace

Squarespace is meant to be the most standard platform to create websites in the simplest ways possible. Therefore, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration to deem it above other similar website builders. Some factors that define the effectiveness of Squarespace, especially for photographers, are described below.

1. Simplicity

Squarespace templates for WooCommerce

Squarespace for WooCommerce is downright easy to use. It utilizes a drag-and-drop system that can get most of the job done. A newly-added preview option displays the website as it is being created. Moreover, Squarespace prides itself on being the premier choice for all beginning photographers. Aspiring cameramen looking for the perfect platform to showcase their captures will find the simplicity of this Squarespace too alluring to pass up.

Professional-looking Squarespace photography websites can be created effortlessly due to the ease this platform provides to the users. The widgets allow quick editing of galleries, which can be further optimized to have effects such as fading, dissolving, or sliding from various angles. The cover page can be brilliantly decorated with additional designs and images, with support from social media feed making an online business a possibility.

The simplicity inspires photographers to pursue their eCommerce careers by building amazing storefronts. This is quite an important aspect since newer photographers lack the perfect medium in which they can express their creativity to the fullest potential; something that Squarespace gladly provides them with their templates for WooCommerce. Keep in mind that all this is possible without writing even one line of code.

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2. SEO support

Squarespace for WooCommerce

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an easy feat to accomplish in Squarespace. Since the platform builder allows the user to insert blocks of text in the website, there is complete control over adding desired keywords for better results in search engines. For example, a photographer showcasing a picture gallery of trees can use specific terms such as ‘pictures of oaks’ or ‘photos of pine trees’ for effective SEO usage. As a result, people searching for images of oaks and pine trees will have a good chance of stumbling upon the particular picture gallery.

SEO support is established through the option to analyze statistical data regarding the traffic and contents of the website. Following the above example, the photographer would be able to find out which pictures (from his gallery) were the most viewed items. If it was the photos of pine trees, the photographer would then get an idea of what the audience expects from the website.

While SEO optimization is present in other platform builders, Squarespace’s constant helping hand puts it above any competitors. It will help the user create a Google sitemap which will provide more information in shaping the perfect eCommerce Squarespace site for photographers. The knowledge of the popular keywords and their proper application will define the success of the photographer’s Squarespace platform.

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3. Price rates

Squarespace templates for WooCommerce

Money is a hard thing to come by for beginner photographers. Even when creating the dream platform, it is absolutely essential to spend as little as possible. Squarespace requires no extra cost for hosting. Since the platform creator hosts all of its websites on its own server, there is no need for the user to pay extra.
Moreover, additional maintenance costs aren’t even a thing in Squarespace. It takes care of all preparation and management issues, thus giving the user absolute freedom when creating the website. Specifically for a photographer, this means there is more time to recapture certain shots, add extra filters, or just rearrange the photos in the gallery.

As far as actual prices go, Squarespace for photographers can start from the affordable $5 per month, and can go up to lucrative $18 per month, both in manageable annual plans. Additionally, there is a free trial session of 14 days, during which a new user can decide whether or not Squarespace would be the right option. Of course, considering all these advantages, there are simply no alternatives to Squarespace, for photographers at least.

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Hopefully, this Squarespace for photographers review has enlightened you on the advantages of this wonderful platform builder. Squarespace is considered a primary choice for website hosting and creation. But its points regarding simplicity, SEO support, Squarespace templates for WooCommerce, and price rates stand above the rest. If you are an aspiring photographer looking for the best possible platform for online picture galleries, try out Squarespace as soon as possible!

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