Do you want to create a photography store with WooCommerce? Then you have come to the right place. WooCommerce provides you multiple features to set up a photography store where customers can buy your digital prints easily. But to take this to the next level, you can also use photography plugins to attractively show your photographs on-site and gain customer attention

In this article, we will guide you on how you can set up a photograph store on WooCommerce with the help of a plugin. Moreover, you will also learn how to restrict access to users for client-specific work. Let’s get started!

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Pre-Requisites to Start Selling Photos as WooCommerce Products

woocommerce photography store

There are a few things you need to do before we start setting up a photography site on WooCommerce. 

Domain and Hosting Service

The first thing you need to do is register for a domain name and choose a suitable hosting provider for your business. There are many domain registrars available that can help you with this regard, although many hosting services provide a domain name for free with their package. 

When it comes to hosting, there are multiple things you need to keep in mind, such as the customer service, speed, services, and security provided. Moreover, you also need to choose from shared or managed hosting. All these choices depend on the amount of traffic you receive on your site and what’s the content load, as it indirectly affects site speed and therefore affects customers’ experience. 

Install WordPress and WooCommerce

Then you need to install WordPress. This is another option that is provided by most hosting services to install and set up WordPress for you. Once installed, you can download WooCommerce. It is a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress that enables users to convert their WordPress site into an eCommerce store and sell products online. 

WooCommerce provides multiple features such as payment gateways, coupons, discounts, multiple product types, and much more to help you create an accessible and customizable site. It also has unlimited plugins, free and paid, for every feature possible to increase your site’s functionality. Thus, WooCommerce is the ultimate choice for creating a photography store.

Choose a Theme

Next, you need to find a theme that matches your business feel and style. Now WooCommerce provides multiple themes for free and paid which you can easily install and customize according to your preference. When choosing a theme, you need to see if it’s easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, compatible with plugins, and has a customized checkout section. All of this is necessary not only to attract customers but also to optimize their shopping experience. 

Once all the necessary preparations are done, it’s time to create a photography store with WooCommerce. Below we have mentioned 2 plugins, which will help you set up a photo gallery easily.

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Sell Photos Using WooCommerce Plugin

create photography store with woocommerce using plugin

In this method, we are going to use the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to create a photography store with WooCommerce. First, download and install the plugin. For this, go to WooCommerce > Plugin > Add new, search for the plugin and add it. 

Adds Photos as Products

Since you are selling your photos, they need to be uploaded as products on your WooCommerce store. For this, go to WooCommerce > Products > Add new. On this newly opened page, you have to add the product title, description, select categories, add tags, etc. You also need to upload the photograph in the “product image” box. 

In the Product Data box, select the type of product, such as virtual and downloadable for photographs. Add the product file, select files, create variables, and much more. You would have to repeat the process for each photograph or you can use a plugin to automatically bulk upload multiple images and create products of them.

Display in Table Format

The WooCommerce Product Table will not only show your photos attractively but also add an “add to cart” button and provide multiple configuration options to make your photography store stand out.  For this, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product tables. Here you can edit the design, add/remove columns, choose how to display images, and determine their size as well. You can also set the number of rows and images to show per page.

Configure the Plugin

You can further configure your plugin by going to the “Add to Cart column” section. Here you can choose to display the button, add a dropdown menu for variations, enable AJAX functionality, and much more. 

Next, in the “Table controls” section you can add a search box and product filters so users can easily search for images of certain categories and tags.

Restrict Access

You can also restrict access to certain photos or client-specific work by using the WooCommerce Protected Categories plugin. All you have to do is create a different category for your client by going to Products > Categories, and add a password to limit the access to your client only. 

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Best WooCommerce Photography Website Plugins

Below we have mentioned some alternative plugin options for you to choose from to create your photography store with WooCommerce.

1. WooCommerce Photography

woocommerce photography

WooCommerce Photography plugin enables you to upload and sell photos and digital art online easily. It streamlines the whole shopping process and makes it easy for you to manage your daily work. It also has a batch photograph uploader that enables you to add multiple photos together and save time. 

Key Features

  • Intuitive photograph browsing feature to streamline the shopping process for customers.
  • Uses WooCommerce familiar checkout process.
  • Customers can view all available collections on the “My Account” screen.
  • Upload images in bulk.
  • Easy management.

To download, click here

feed them gallery

This plugin is an amazing WooCommerce photography plugin as it enables you to upload and create beautiful galleries for your audience. This plugin offers multiple features for changing the layout and style of your gallery and present them in the best way possible. When integrated with WooCommerce, it turns each photo into a product that can be bought.

Key Features

  • Multiple layout and image options are available.
  • You can add multiple images to a gallery.
  • You can customize the column size, image size, margin, padding, background color, and much more.
  • Customers can display the galleries on social media.
  • Set the number of images to show per page.
  • Option to add a watermark to your images and set their position as well.
  • It auto-creates a product for each image uploaded in WooCommerce.
  • AJAX-powered add to cart experience.

To download, click here

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3. Sell Media

sell media

Sell Media is a completely customizable and flexible photography plugin for WooCommerce that enables you to create galleries and sell photos and digital art. It offers multiple layout options such as column grids or horizontal/vertical masonry layout. It also works with any WordPress theme and is compatible with page builders as well.

Key Features

  • You can create galleries, add photos and prints, to sell.
  • Cloud backup available so that you never lose your data.
  • You can add photos in bulk and assign prices individually or in groups.
  • You can import images from Lightroom and Aperture.
  • Option to accept payments online and offer discounts.

To download, click here.

envira gallery

Envira Gallery is a powerful and responsive gallery plugin that enables you to create a photography store with WooCommerce. It is equipped with a drag and drop builder that lets you create beautiful galleries.  Moreover, you can also use the pre-made templates to customize. You can also add images, sort albums, add tags, and much more.

Key Features 

  • Integrated with WooCommerce for selling photos.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • You can add passwords and watermarks for protection.
  • Add social media share buttons.
  • Customize the layout of the galleries.
  • You can also add videos.

To download, click here

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Final Words

Now photographers don’t need to stress out to create the perfect site for their business with all the required features. All the above-mentioned plugins can help you display your photos beautifully and also manage eCommerce operations. We hope this article will help you find the best plugin for your business. Check out some relevant articles that might help you optimize your site.