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WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel Pro

Improve your customers' shopping experience by using the Best WooCommerce Upsell plugins to add recommendations based on customer journey.

This is another WooCommerce upsell plugin that effectively increases sales and conversion rates by targeting customers with post-purchase upsells. With this plugin, you can easily recommend customers’ upsells and related products to their recent purchases so that they don’t have to waste time in decision making. You can offer customers One-Click upsell offers where they don’t have to enter their payment details again.

One-Click Upsell Funnel Pro lets you create the perfect upsell and downsell one time offers to create urgency in customers. You can also set upsell triggers on different categories and thus when a customer makes a purchase in a certain category, they are shown upsells from that category only.

Features List:

  • Creates one time post-purchase upsell offers.
  • You can also offer upsells after the checkout is done.
  • Set upsell triggers on product categories.
  • Create a downsell offer when your customers reject the upsell offers.
  • The offers accepted after purchase will be added to the initial order to avoid the hassle.
  • Provides detailed reports regarding each upsell offer.
  • You can create and customize product-specific offer pages.
  • Consist of 3 different pricing plans depending on the number of sites. A single site plan is for $55.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $69Year
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