Cart Notices

Improve your customers' shopping experience by using the Best WooCommerce Upsell plugins to add recommendations based on customer journey.

Cart Notices is among the best WooCommerce upsell plugins. It shows dynamic notes to customers just as they are about to leave your site or proceed to checkout, alerting them about a closing sale or encouraging them to buy another related product to avail of free shipping. It works wonders as it creates a sense of urgency in your customers and entices them with amazing offers.

There are multiple shortcodes available that let you place the messages anywhere on site. It also helps in increasing sales and revenue by recommending similar or related products to increase order value.

Features List:

  • Enables you to display custom notices on the cart and checkout page.
  • Consists of 5 different notice types: current order amount, deadline, referrer, products in the cart, and categories in cart.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Set the minimum and maximum quantities required to show dynamic notices about a sale, free shipping, etc.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $49Year
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