Force Sells

Improve your customers' shopping experience by using the Best WooCommerce Upsell plugins to add recommendations based on customer journey.

Force Sells is also among the best WooCommerce upsell plugins available. With this plugin, you can link multiple products to a parent product. Once a parent product is selected, the linked products are automatically added to the cart. This is a great way to increase the order value and generate more revenue.

You can enable the force sell technique in 2 ways. In the normal force sell, linked products will be added to the cart but they can be removed or their quantity can be changed by the customer. Whereas, in synched force sell, the linked products cannot be removed without removing the parent product and quantity cannot be changed as well.

Features List:

  • You can link multiple products to a single product so the customer has to get the whole bundle when ordering one.
  • 2 force sell types: Normal and Synced.
  • You can enable/disable the option of customers changing the quantity or removing the linked products.
  • $49 billed annually.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $59Year
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