Product Recommendations

Improve your customers' shopping experience by using the Best WooCommerce Upsell plugins to add recommendations based on customer journey.

Product Recommendations is one of the best and powerful WooCommerce upsell plugins that enable you to improve customer experience through intelligent upsells and cross-sells offer. Moreover, this plugin is equipped with an effective search algorithm that analyzes your current products, frequently bought together items, and group them.

With Product Recommendations, you can create unlimited upsell and cross-sell offers and place them strategically throughout your website. You can also generate bulk offers and tag them with labels, attributes, and categories for easy search and filtering. You can also highlight your best upsell and cross-sell offers based on conversion rates, popularity, and rating.

Features List:

  • Create unlimited upsell and cross-sell offers.
  • You can create upsells and cross-sells in bulk. Create unlimited upsell and cross-sell offers.
  • You can add filters like attribute, price, category, etc, and use amplifiers to result in specific searches.
  • Add product recommendation block on the product page, cart page, checkout, thank you page, and many other locations. Reviews recently viewed products on the checkout page to increase order value.
  • Enables social proof by displaying recently viewed or best-selling products. Create your own rules based on social proof (bestseller, top trending), sale items, seasonal items, complete the look items.
  • Receive in-depth analysis regarding your blocks in terms of clicks and conversions.
  • Build custom rules utilizing filters, visibility, and amplifier conditions.
  • Provides deep insights regarding upselling and cross-sell offers based on clicks, conversion, gross and net revenue.


With the WooCommerce Product Recommendations plugin, you can showcase similar products to your customers and create a more personalized and engaging experience for your customers. You can choose your own or create rule-based smarter upsells and cross-sells. You can place these recommendations on strategic locations to result in maximum sales.

Moreover, its search algorithm analyzes your orders and recommends products that are related and can be used together for its “Frequently bought together” recommendation block.

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