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WordPress & WooCommerce Pricing Tables – Best Free & Premium Plugins

Pricing tables are a great way to compare plans and features and making it easier for customers to choose. Check out our list of the best WooCommerce pricing table plugins available to help your customers easily compare plans and features.
Last updated on March 23, 2023

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If you are selling a product or service having multiple tiers of pricing plans, depending upon the size of the business, or the features, or customization, etc. you can attractively display them using WooCommerce pricing table plugins.

When a customer visits your site, the first thing they are going to do after making a purchasing decision is to look at the pricing table and see which plan fits in with their budget. Pricing tables are also a great way to compare plans and features and making it easier for customers to choose. 

WooCommerce consists of many pricing table plugins, both free and paid. We are going to discuss some of the best options in this article.

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military_tech Best WooCommerce Pricing Table Plugins

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1 Tiered Pricing Tables for WooCommerce

If you are a wholesaler, then this is the perfect plugin for you. This WooCommerce pricing table plugin enables you to add a tiered pricing structure on your product pages where customers can see how much discount they will receive depending on the quantity they choose.

The plugin is easy to set up and offers multiple configuration options. Such as, you can choose where to place the table, how to display price, changing the content, background color, apply CSS classes, and much more.

Moreover, you can also introduce user-role-based tiered pricing plans. This is a great way to provide privacy in your wholesale pricing.

2 Storefront Pricing Tables

The Storefront Pricing Tables plugin enables you to compare a small number of products and services. Customers can easily see the difference between each plan and choose one to add to their cart. The plugin is also extremely easy to use and set up. Moreover, you can customize the layout and content and place it on any page or post using a shortcode.

3 Flexible Table Pricing Matrix for WooCommerce

This plugin is similar in functionality to the above but is far more advanced in its features. You can display variations in the form of a pricing table instead of a dropdown menu. This not only looks good but also makes it easier for customers to get the final price. It is easy to install and set up. Moreover, you can display the pricing table anywhere on the product details page.

4 Price Matrix for WooCommerce

Price Matrix for WooCommerce is perfect if you want to display your variable products attractively. It replaces the variable product dropdown with a price table. It is also easy to use and set up and pretty straightforward in its functionality.

5 Responsive Pricing Table

The Responsive Pricing Table plugin for WooCommerce is easy to use and set up. It adds a “Pricing table” tab on the admin dashboard, where you can easily edit the content and color and use a shortcode to add it on any page or post. It has a free and premium version, let’s discuss their features below.

6 Pricing Table by Supsystic

This WooCommerce pricing table plugin is extremely easy to use and set up. It enables you to add a pricing table by choosing from the templates provided and customizing it. It is a simple plugin, equipped with a drag and drop table builder to remove the requirement of coding knowledge. You can also add icons, create multiple rows and columns, and highlight certain columns as well.

Moreover, you can choose to show your products in a pricing table either horizontally or vertically.

7 Easy Pricing Tables

With this plugin, you can easily create pricing tables and customize and publish them in just a few minutes. It does not require any coding knowledge and is compatible with the Gutenberg block editor. It is also very easy to use and works with any WordPress theme. Moreover, it is also responsive on all devices and can be customized.

8 WRC Pricing Tables

This WooCommerce pricing table plugin has a clean and modern design that enables you to showcase your product’s features and prices individually or through comparison tables. You can create unlimited rows and columns for your features and packages. Moreover, it also enables drag and drop sorting to move around columns. It also has multiple color palettes available to choose from.

9 WooCommerce Product Pricing Table Table by WooBeWoo

With this WooCommerce pricing table plugin, you can showcase your products attractively and increase sales. It has an easy-to-use interface and 3 table type options available, i.e GradientFlat, and Rainbow. It also has multiple pre-set pricing table templates available to choose from and is responsive on all devices, so it looks good anywhere.

This pricing table plugin has a user-friendly table builder and you can also customize the table by editing CSS.

10 Go Pricing

If you want a featured-filled pricing table plugin for WooCommerce, then Go Pricing is the one for you. You get all the usual plugin features as well as multimedia support for your tables. For example, you can add images, videos, maps, and much more to your tables.

Moreover, you can add multiple tables on your site or a single page with the help of shortcodes.

11 WP Table Manager

WP Table Manager is an advanced WooCommerce pricing table plugin. It consists of an easy table editor, that enables you to edit the content in a spreadsheet, which will be automatically saved and updated. You can also customize the color, border, border-radius, and tooltips. Moreover, the tables are responsive on all mobile devices.

12 Premium Addons for Elementor Table Widget

With this WooCommerce plugin, you can create multiple types of tables, all with support to unlimited customizations. If you are creating tables for employees or products, with multiple rows and columns, you can add a “live search” tab to enable customers to find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

You can also create advanced pricing tables with 60+ widgets and add-ons and benefit from multiple global features.

fact_check Wrap-Up

WooCommerce pricing table plugins are a great way to attractively display your products and services, along with their different features, to make it easier for customers to make a decision. All of the above-mentioned plugins consist of multiple features, multimedia support, pre-made templates, and much more. We hope you can find the perfect solution for your business. 

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