5 Best WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider Plugins of 2023

Last updated on February 17, 2023

Images make 50% of the content on your eCommerce site, and to provide your customers with detailed information about products, their quality, and other attributes, you require high-quality images. WooCommerce is compatible with many plugins and extensions that can help you display product images in a mesmerizing way so that customers are tempted to explore and purchase products. Thus, in this article, we have covered the top 5 WooCommerce product gallery slider plugins to help you display your products better

Creating a successful eCommerce website does not only mean having a feature-filled store with extensive functionality, although that is necessary for a good shopping experience. But to take your store to the next level, you need to create an attractive storefront that attracts visitors to your products on their first visit and entice them to browse your site further. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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product gallery plugin

TP is a WooCommerce product image gallery plugin that is responsive on all devices and consists of multiple features in both free and premium plans. It creates an attractive slider of product images on your store and also provides multiple zoom styles to add a unique touch to your site. 

Moreover, you can also customize the horizontal image slider, its height, the background color, and arrow types. You can also edit the thumbnail images in the lightbox or disable the option in settings. 

Key Features

  • 4 zoom options: click to toggle and activate, hover, and grab.
  • Editing thumbnail images in the lightbox software.
  • Gallery layout can be vertical and horizontal.
  • Navigation support.
  • Responsive on all devices.
  • You can also display a video instead of images.
  • Compatible with most premium themes.
  • Slider autoplay options. 

To download, click here

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WooCommerce product gallery slider

With the WooCommerce product gallery slider plugin, you can optimize your product images and display them in such a way that customers are enticed to make a purchase. Attractively displaying your products is crucial for their sale. Moreover, along with product images, customers can also see video popups of products.

This plugin is perfect for converting your multiple images into a gallery, where customers can zoom in to see more details. It is also developer-friendly and can be customized accordingly.

Key Features

  • Video popup of products 
  • 3 gallery layouts available: vertical left thumbs, vertical right thumbs, and horizontal bottom thumbs.
  • Supports both simple and variable products.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Responsive on all devices.
  • Autoplay support and speed options. 
  • Image zoom options.
  • Lightbox support for editing images.

 To download, click here

WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

With this WooCommerce image gallery plugin, you can convert your gallery into a sliding carousel that is responsive on all devices. It provides around 150+ elements that you can enable/disable together to create a unique product slider, such as review mode, lightbox support, zoom, thumbnails, etc. 

It also has 8 pre-made templates that you can choose from. Moreover, this plugin is developer-friendly and website owners can create their own templates according to their business needs.

Key Features

  • Preview thumbnails in dots and bullets.
  • 150+ elements are available.
  • Two gallery layout options, horizontal and vertical.
  • Converts product page gallery into a carousel.
  • Enables autoplay and sets slide speed.
  • Supports simple and variable products.
  • Lightbox and zoom settings. 
  • Multiple bullets and arrow options.

To download, click here

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WooCommerce image Gallery Slider

Grab your customers’ attention by using this WooCommerce product gallery slider plugin and convert your many product images into a sliding carousel. It has a responsive layout and also enables navigation. Also, its lightbox support enables you to zoom images in fancybox, auto play slides, and display thumbnails.

The pro version provides you vertical and horizontal gallery layout slider, with an infinite loop and mouse dragging option. 

Key Features

  • Slider autoplay and speed settings.
  • Lightbox control with 12 options
  • 2 gallery layout options: vertical and horizontal.
  • You can enable/disable lightbox settings for thumbnails.
  • Infinite loop.
  • Compatible with premium themes.
  • Supports Elementor and Visual Composer Page Builder.

To download, click here.

Advanced WooCommerce image Gallery Slider

Give your boring product page gallery a makeover with the Advanced WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider. It consists of amazing features such as vertical and horizontal gallery layout, lightbox effects for thumbnails, autoplay options, customizations, and much more. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Lightweight and responsive.
  • Vertical and horizontal layout.
  • Supports simple and variable products.
  • Supports videos.
  • Customization options for sliders.
  • Zoom settings.
  • Lightbox settings for thumbnails.
  • Center mode support.

To download, click here

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Final Words 

By choosing any of the above WooCommerce product gallery slider plugins, you can easily convert your product page gallery into a sliding carousel with controlled speed, autoplay, and much more. These plugins also consist of multiple features that can elevate your site and provide an easy and attractive product display to your customers.

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