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Best WooCommerce Insurance Plugins for Your Store

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce insurance plugins for your store to improve your logistical operations and increase sales.
Last updated on May 4, 2023

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A strong logistical operation is required to run an online business smoothly that deals with physical products. Shipping alone has the power to either make or break your brand. Because once a customer clicks on the “BUY NOW” button, they are counting on receiving their order on time and in good condition. But mishaps can happen and in case of their order being stolen, lost, or damaged, customers can always opt for shipping insurance for added security. And we can easily add this feature by using the best WooCommerce insurance plugins.

Depending on the value of the products being shipped, customers would want to guarantee their shipment and later help with claims if the package is damaged or lost. That’s why providing shipping insurance is a great way to increase trust, credibility, and sales.

Let’s look at some of the best WooCommerce insurance plugins available.

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military_tech Best WooCommerce Insurance Plugins

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1 WP Insurance

This is one of the best WordPress/WooCommerce insurance plugins. It has service details and a completely customizable archive page. It supports the Elementor page builder and is also mobile-friendly. This plugin also enables you to show your insurance services on your site, with complete customization according to your business style.

2 ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Insurance Plugin

This WooCommerce insurance plugin incorporates Shipsurance and covers the cost of lost, damaged, or lost orders. It helps in building customer trust and credibility and increases sales. This is a Shipsurance addon and thus you need a Shipsurance account for this to work. It works independently with any shipping carrier and does not require any external assistance. Shipsurance also has an easy claiming process and provides full coverage.

3 WooCommerce Shipping Insurance by WP Favs

This WooCommerce shipping plugin is one of the best and pretty straightforward in its work. It has a clean and simple code that is fully customizable. You can choose to show the insurance cost at the checkout page and set insurance cost per $100. You can also change the shipping insurance text and color.

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Insurance can provide security to your customers and also result in a positive shopping experience. Therefore, the above-mentioned plugins are the best WooCommerce insurance plugins and can be easily set up.  

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