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Best Badge Management Plugins for WooCommerce Stores

Use the best WooCommerce badge management plugins and highlight your on-sale, new, or featured products and increase sales.
Last updated on May 4, 2023

overview Overview

You all must have heard about social proof and how it is the best marketing strategy for eCommerce stores. If not, let me explain it. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that states that people “follow the masses”, believing it is the right thing to do or purchase if everyone else is doing it/buying it. And you can easily utilize this on your site by highlighting popular items, showing customer reviews, and much more. One such way of marketing is adding badges to your products or pages, to highlight sales, popularity, etc. Since WooCommerce does not provide this functionality out-of-the-box, we are going to review some of the best WooCommerce badge management plugins to help you out.

Badges can be a great way to highlight various deals and offer on your products and pages. Since its a type of social proof, it also helps in improving brand awareness, increasing trust and credibility, and ultimately, increasing sales and revenue. 

With such benefits, this is a must-have feature. Let’s see some of the best WooCommerce badge plugins. 

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military_tech Best WooCommerce Badge Management Plugins

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1 WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

Use product labels to attract customers to your products and make them click on the buy now button. You might be using the default WooCommerce product labels to highlight products on sale, but to take it up a notch, use this advanced product label plugin. You can highlight attributes, sales, discounts, and much more. Moreover, it provides different label types to choose from.

2 YITH WooCommerce Badge Management

Based on research, a 55% conversion rate is increased when you display promotional badges on your site. With this plugin, you can choose badges from available options and assign them to different categories, such as on-sale, recently added, and featured products. It also automates the entire process of selecting a specific badge for each product category, which will be automatically added to all products.

This WooCommerce badge management plugin also provides multiple options for badges and enables you to customize them.

3 Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce

With this plugin, you can easily and quickly create custom product labels for specific products and apply them conditionally. You can display multiple attributes or promote “free shipping” or “50% off” labels to increase sales. You can also customize the labels by editing the background and colors. Moreover, it supports text and discount percentage type product labels.

4 Sold Out Badge for WooCommerce

This plugin might seem limited in its functionality but don’t worry, it gets the job done. Initially, this plugin was created for eCommerce stores that sell exclusive or one-of-a-kind products and frequently have to change their product list. Instead, they can use this plugin and display the “sold out” badge to remove unnecessary queries and hassle. Although, this badge can be customized and used by any type of store.

5 WordPress WooCommerce Badge Manager Plugin

The WordPress WooCommerce Badge Manager plugin helps you create and add badges to products, pages, and categories. This is a feature-filled plugin that enables you to create new badges and customize them according to your theme. You can also add text or image-based badges on single, multiple, or category-wise products. It also allows customization and is overall a good plugin for beginners.

6 WooCommerce Advance Product Label and Badge Pro

This is an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly WooCommerce badge management plugin that enables you to create labels and display them on your products. This helps in highlighting top-selling or on-sale products and increasing sales. You can create unlimited badges and edit them with the live preview option. It also has the option of adding a description to the labels and badges.

7 Badge Management for WooCommerce

With this plugin, we can add badges on products, categories, or pages to highlight special and new offers. Badges help in bringing focus to best sellers or deals, which are always considered by customers.  You can also customize the badge button text, color, size, and position. This helps in attracting customer’s attention and therefore increasing conversion and sales. This plugin also has a premium version available.

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tips_and_updates How to Use Badges on Products

I. Use Understandable Text

The main reason you are adding badges to your products is that customers can focus on them and see what deal or discount applies to them. It also helps in highlighting your new and on-sale products. Thus, when designing a badge, keep it simple and understandable. Choose a text that a customer can easily understand from far and also use simple wordings that are known to all.

II. Specify Badges for Certain Categories

This means choosing a plugin that can automatically assign specific badges to specific categories, thus reducing the work by half. It is also a good practice to assign particular badges to categories like sale, new, trending, so customers can easily find what they are looking for. Also, it helps marketers to better showcase their products to the audience.

III. Add Additional Information

Badges are although used for grabbing attention, there are many plugins available that enable you to add additional information about the product or deal and display them when a customer hovers on the badge. This is great for marketing products and deals and therefore increasing sales. 

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fact_check Wrap-Up

And that’s our list of the best WooCommerce badge management plugins. Badges are a great way to enable social proof on your site, highlight specific categories and products, and grab customer’s attention. Badges are also used for optimizing your product pages to maximize promotion and sales. Don’t forget to test your badges and see what works best. We hope this article helped.  

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