5 Best WooCommerce Installment Payments Extensions

WooCommerce Installment Payments

By using WooCommerce installment payments extensions, you can offer partial payments on your website. This helps in improving customer experience as they can buy expensive products in installments. Ultimately, this will also increase sales and revenue as customers won’t leave your site empty-handed. Thus, we have shortlisted some of the best WooCommerce installment plans plugins so you can enable this feature on your site.   

Best WooCommerce Installment Payments Plugins

1. Splitit Installment Payments Enabler


Through this WooCommerce installment payments plugin, you can enable customers to pay with their existing debit and credit cards in installments and fee-free monthly payments. It is used by hundreds of merchants and has helped in decreasing cart abandonment and increasing revenue. 

Key Features 

  • Enables your customers to pay overtime and interest-free.
  • No need for registration, application, or credit checks.
  • Transactions are guaranteed by a credit card issuer.
  • Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.
  • Supports all major credit cards and payment gateways. 

To download, click here.

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2. YITH WooCommerce Deposits and Down Payments

Yith - WooCommerce Installment Payments

Offer your customers the chance to pay only a part of the product’s price by installing this WooCommerce installment payments plugin. You can sell or rent out luxury items such as clothing or an apartment in installments. This helps in building customer loyalty and increase conversion rates as customers can buy a high-priced item through deposits.

Key Features 

  • You can set the deposit amount in fixed or percentage format.
  • You can also set the deposit expiration date.
  • Multiple labels which you can customize and edit to show on-site.
  • Send email notifications to both admin and customers about a deposit date or paid.
  • Support variable products and you can set a different deposit amount and date for each variation.  
  • WPML compatibility.

To download, click here

3. WooCommerce Deposits

WooCommerce Deposits

WooCommerce Deposits is a premium plugin that handles partial payments on products and deposits on bookings on your online store. This plugin is filled with features, such as you can easily accept or force deposits, send automatic email reminders to customers about an upcoming balance due date, and much more. It is built for WooCommerce and compatible with the WooCommerce Bookings plugin.

Key Features 

  • Enable checkout mode to show the deposit button on the checkout page and make deposits cart-based.
  • Fixed or percentage format deposit type.
  • You can customize messages to show customers when they choose the deposit/full amount option.
  • Provides deposit reports.
  • Fully translatable.
  • You can also disable specific payment gateways for the deposit option.

To download, click here

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4. WooCommerce Deposit Down Payments

WooCommerce Installment Payments - Deposit Down

This is another WooCommerce installment plan plugin that is simple in functionality and easy to use. With the help of this plugin, you can offer your customers the ease to pay later or pay in deposits.

Key Features

  • Admin can set the deposit option for more than one product.
  • Admins can set the deposit type to fixed or percentage format.
  • Customers have the option of partial payment or full payment later. 
  • Admin can enable/disable the full payment later option.

To download, click here

5. Sumo WooCommerce Payment Plans


With this extensive WooCommerce installment plan plugin, you can offer your customers different payment options, such as down payment, deposits with balance, fixed, or variable amount installments. It supports Stripe for automatic payments or customers can pay their deposits manually as well.  

It consists of multiple features, such as the deposit amount can be defined by user role, you can charge interests in installments, or the option to make deposits mandatory. 

Key Features

  • Consists of multiple payment plans.
  • Customers can pay multiple installments at a single time.
  • Admin can also set a balance due date.
  • You can also hide payment plans from specific user roles.
  • Send payment reminder emails to your customers.
  • Customizable and translation ready.

To download, click here.

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Final Words 

By enabling any of the above WooCommerce installment payments plugins, you can offer your customers multiple payment plans and increase customer satisfaction and sales