LearnDash vs Sensei as WordPress LMS Solution

Last updated on September 25, 2021

WordPress allows users to build websites and manage content seamlessly making it the best open source CMS for web development. Just recently, the market has shifted towards e-learning opportunities. Learning Management System plugins for WordPress have been on the rise to allow you to add e-learning capabilities to your website on par with the existing content management system. Today, we are going to compare two of the major plugins in this sector, LearnDash vs Sensei, to find out which is the best one for you.

LearnDash, a premium LMS solution for your WordPress site, and Sensei, a previously paid-for plugin turned open-source i.e. Free.

When it comes to LearnDash vs Sensei, It is the matter of choosing between a customizable open-source LMS solution and a fully-fledged plugin.

Both of these plugins have been in development for several years. They have built up a portfolio of several great features to support learning management on your site. When selecting an LMS plugin for your website, it’s important to look into the following features. So today, we’ll be looking at the following features as essentials when comparing LearnDash against Sensei LMS.

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Choosing between LearnDash and Sensei:

Before going into the details of each plugin, let’s take a glance at each in general.

LearnDash in a glance:

LearnDash is a premium LMS solution with management and quality-of-life features to make e-learning management less of a chore and more manageable.

LearnDash comes with a built-in set of cool features to add value to your site.

  • Focus Mode is a LearnDash special feature that helps learners carry on through with course competition and improved content retention. Here, a virtual learning environment is simulated to highlight course content and focuses on learner attention.
  • Drag-and-drop course editor interface for managing courses allows you to quickly create new course content and organize as needed.
  • LearnDash comes with support from industry experts, including access to analytic information to help cater to your audiences through better engagement and interactive content designs.
  • As learner complete courses they get more and more points accumulated. These points can be used to unlock more courses and allow learners to set new learning paths.

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Sensei in a glance:

Sensei LMS is an open-source e-learning solution with a lot of customization options. That is, you can mix-match with various other plugins to incorporate new features into your e-learning site and use Sensei to fit your basic needs. Therefore, the Sensei plugin itself offers a limited set of features. It is geared towards developers who want to create customized solutions and only offers a lot of the basics.

This customizability is the beauty of Sensei. It provides a developer-friendly solution with room for growth and customization.

To utilize the Sensei LMS to its full, you may need to add on the following set of extensions. These are optional and you can choose other extensions to manage these as well.

LearnDash is great if you are looking for an out-of-box plugin that handles all your LMS needs for your WordPress website.

Sensei is great if you are looking a highly customizable tool to give you a head-start in development of your custom WordPress LMS website.

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LearnDash vs Sensei? The choice depends on your requirements and what features you want to have in the future in case of scaling your website.

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