Best WordPress Maintenance Service Providers on the Web

Last updated on July 2, 2021

Maintaining your WordPress website is crucial for business, especially when you’re directly dealing with the customer through the website. To ensure a smooth experience for your customers & to properly manage your customer’s data, your website needs to be flawless, and for this, it requires good website management skills. You can learn it yourself or simply choose a WordPress website maintenance service provider to do it for you.

Many business owners choose the second option as business owners, especially solopreneurs have very limited time. But you can’t really ignore website issues and maintenance. Otherwise, your website will start to lag and there is a high possibility that your website may be compromised in the future. So, if you don’t have enough time to maintain your WordPress website by yourself, here are the top WordPress maintenance service on the web that can take the burden off you.

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Top 6 WordPress Maintenance Services

  1. GoDaddy
  2. WP Buffs
  3. WP Help
  4. FixRunner WordPress Support
  5. Valet
  6. Maintainn

1. GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

wordpress maintenance service

GoDaddy is the largest website hosting and domain register company on the internet. GoDaddy can help you with URL redirects, image optimization, theme modification, database management, and so on. But GoDaddy provides only support services, and if you require theme or plugin updates, GoDaddy can’t help you. It is one of the best WordPress site maintenance service provider.

As for the payment plans, GoDaddy uses a credit system. You can buy one credit for $49.99/month, three credits for $79.99/month, and ten credits for $149.99/month.

When you ask for a service from GoDaddy, they’ll charge you one credit per task. You don’t have to think about the time duration of the task here. But if you need multiple task support from GoDaddy, they’ll ask permission to use extra credits. However, sometimes, it’s difficult to identify whether your problem constitutes 1 or more tasks. So, when you cannot decide the quantity of the task, you can ask the support center to help you with this. 

2. WP Buffs

wordpress website maintenance service

WP Buffs provides great technical support for WordPress sites and maintenance services. They’ll provide you 24/7 and 365 days of support as they’ve built their business model around a remote working environment.

Also, if you’re a freelancer and you work for your client, WP Buffs has a solution for you. If your client needs website performance enhancements, website edits, or security, WP Buffs can support you as a background technical partner.

WP Buffs offers three plans- Maintain, Protect, and Perform. These plans will charge $67/month, $147/month, and $197/month, respectively.

You’ll find WP Buffs on different WordPress communities. So, if you need any information about how to run your WordPress website more efficiently or other technical things, you can directly contact WP Buffs through the community. WP Buffs prioritize community the most, and they try to help website owners with WordPress.

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3. WP Help

wordpress maintenance service

If you want an excellent website speed for your WordPress site, WP Help is the ideal option for you. WP Help has more than a 90-page speed score, which will give your website lightning speed. Also, they offer unlimited edits. If you need any edits at any time of the day, you’ll get their service through email support.

Also, if you’re in trouble with SEO, WP Help has a solution for it. They’ll provide you SEO insights of your website and additional reports related to this. Besides, they offer real-time monitoring that will prevent your website from getting hacked.

WP Help offers three plans and a 30-day money-back guarantee. These plans are Secure, Secure & Support, and Support Pro, which will cost you $45/month, $119/month, and $199/month, respectively.

4. FixRunner WordPress Support


FixRunner WordPress Support provides you with every WordPress website maintenance service you can think of. You’ll get SEO support, speed optimization, security, malware removal, etc. If you want to test the FixRunner WordPress Support service, you can get the one-time support for $49.

FixRunner WordPress Support also provides support for freelancers and digital agencies. They have white label support to provide service for your clients.

Also, for quick support, you can rely on them. They provide one of the fastest support on the internet, and immediate support is very important when your website is down. So, you can trust on the FixRunner WordPress Support for prompt solutions.

FixRunner WordPress Support offers three plans and also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. These plans are Premium, Rocket, and Advance, which will cost you $59/month, $89/month, and $149/month, respectively.

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5. Valet

wordpress website maintenance service

Valet understands your business goal and sets your website security accordingly. It offers website infrastructure solutions and maintains your website without you needing to worry about anything.

Valet has various types of services- Auditvalet, Migrationsvalet, Website Managementvalet, Solid Hardwarevalet, etc. These services offer different types of maintenance services. For example, if you need to check whether your website has everything clear or not, you can use Auditvalet to check your website. Again, Website Managementvalet looks after your website’s security and performance.

Like other maintenance service providers, Valet has three plans to offer. These are Personal, Professional, and Business, which will cost you from $250 to $1750, depends on which plan you choose. The basic Personal plan starts from $250 per month.

6. Maintainn


Maintainn provides weekly service reports and supports its customers through email. It offers off-site website backups, weekly themes, and plugin updates. Also, they offer a 24/7 website security service. 

When you buy any Maintainn WordPress website maintenance service, you can install the support button on your WordPress Website. As a result, you can directly get help from the WordPress admin. 

It offers three plans, like other website maintenance support services. These are Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, which will cost you 59/month, $179/month, and $299/month, respectively. You can also pay yearly, and that will reduce the monthly cost of the package you choose. When you pay annually, it’ll cost 49/month, $149/month, and $249/month for Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, respectively.

All the packs offer weekly updates and 24/7 website security service. When you buy the standard pack, you’ll have to pay an extra $99 for repair if your website is hacked. But for other packages, they won’t charge any fees to fix your website. It is a very cheap and affordable WordPress maintenance service that will save you time by doing all the administrative work by itself.

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So, these are the top 6 WordPress site maintenance services on the internet. You can choose any of these service providers according to your requirements and your budget and be at peace with your WordPress site management hassle.

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