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Yith WooCommerce Subscription

YITH is among the free WooCommerce subscriptions which are available for download on the WordPress directory. With YITH, you can set up weekly or monthly subscription boxes and sell anything, from services, videos to products. In short, with exclusive products on your subscription boxes, customers are sure to be intrigued.

By using the WooCommerce subscription extension, you can also set up a free subscription trial for your customers, which will increase demand as they become familiar with the product or service.

Features List:

  • Trial mode to retain customers
  • Payment methods include PayPal, Stripe, YITH PayPal Express, YITH WooCommerce Stripe premium, and much more
  • Users can switch, cancel, or renew the subscription
  • Email notification regarding payment, expiration, or new subscriptions available
  • You can set a sign-up fee, additional discounts, and coupons on subscriptions
  • Automatic suspension of subscriptions
  • WPML support in the premium version
$ Premium Extension
Price: $199.99Month
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