WooCommerce Subscription

With WooCommerce Subscription, you have complete control over managing the subscriptions and billing methods. It allows you to create multiple subscription plans so that your customers can choose according to their needs. Your customers also have the flexibility to pay over various payment methods associated with WooCommerce.

Moreover, It helps you capture more residual revenue with premade email templates and multiple options to make subscriptions as beneficial for the customer as the user.

Features List:

  • Setup a free trial and sign-up fees
  • Multiple subscriptions options
  • Customers can manage their subscriptions via the dashboard
  • Customers can also renew or cancel their subscriptions
  • For both, virtual or physical products
  • Built-in subscription emails
  • Supports automatic recurring payments with 25+ payment gateways
  • Keeping track of renewals and the number of subscribers
  • Easy to install
$ Premium Extension
Price: $19.92Month
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