Yith Bookings

Yith Bookings is one of the best WordPress appointment plugins. It offers a dynamic booking system for your customers. It is perfect for all types of businesses. Business owners can set schedules for months, hours, minutes, or even years. It allows admins to create unlimited bookable products. Customers can also set the duration of their bookings in fixed units. It is up to the admin to accept bookings immediately or confirm from trainees or other sites to avoid double bookings. You can also set non-working days or hours of the week. Overall, it provides multiple booking restrictions that you can easily set up and offers a fully-automated experience.

It offers different pricing solutions, such as a base price is added for each product or service and then additional charges can be added on the bases of the number of users, trainees, days, and dates. Customers can also cancel their appointments.

With its intuitive admin dashboard, you can keep track of all your bookings received in a week or month. You can also sync your data to Google calendarHomeAway, and Airbnb.

Features List:

  • You can create unlimited bookable products.
  • Customers can make reservations in intervals of minutes, hours, days, and months.
  • You can set different pricing based on personality type, product, specific dates and time, etc.
  • Users can book reservations either by setting the start date or both the start and end date.
  • You can also set the minimum and maximum duration of bookings.
  • Two pricing methods, first the base price for each product and extra prices based on different criteria.
  • You can set a buffer period between days.
  • Mark non-working hours and days.
  • Sync with Google Calendar.
  • Yith Booking theme available for installation.
  • $169.99 for a single site.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $249.99Year
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