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WooCommerce Easy Booking Plugin


WooCommerce Easy Booking plugin is very simple and easy to use. It is great for businesses that want to create a simple and standard booking system. It adds a booking option for your products. This plugin also allows you to add starting and ending dates on the booking form and set different prices for each product based on hours, days, or weeks.

It also comes with many add-ons to elevate the booking experience. With the Availability Check, you can easily manage stock and available time. Disable Dates allows you to mark non-working days of the week. Also, depending on the days booked, you can add Duration Discounts to add coupons.

Features List:

  • Adds booking options to products.
  • Comes with four main add-ons: Availability Check, Duration Discount, Disable Dates, and Pricing.
  • You can add one or two fields on the booking form.
  • Pricing can be adjusted at intervals of the day, night, week, and custom time.
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